Car Lust

Since it’s springtime, and in the spring a heart’s desire turns to, what else, cars, and it seems everybody else is buying a new car, I have the fever.  Not for more cowbell, for this.

If I make it through the downsizing, I’m going to trade in my old xB for one of these pretty new ones.

The xB may be one of the most interesting studies in corporate luck ever imagined.  I have no statistics to back me up, but I’m pretty sure the folks a Toyota missed their target demographic.  It’s obvious, both from the website and talking to dealers, that the xB was designed for young urban hipsters. 

However, although I’ve seen lots of them on the road in Nashville, I have yet to see anyone under 30 driving one.  They obviously missed their target demographic, yet they are still selling lots of cars.

What was supposed to make the Scion xB so attractive to the just out of college set, a good, solid, dependable car with high gas mileage, packed with standard features, and a comparably very low price, fell flat amongst the 20-somethings (from what I see).  Yet, a whole new group, oldsters like me, who just want an inexpensive, sensible car, have flocked to the xB. 

And we’re so old, we don’t care if it’s ugly.

 Or was.  The redesigned xB has lost the charm of the old one;  it just looks like a car now.  But, I still want it.  They’ve added cruise control, integrated iPod connector (you control the iPod from the car’s stereo),  and side curtain airbags to the already packed list of standard equipment.  Power locks, power windows, AC.  Try to find ANY car with all that for under 17,000.

They aimed for hipsters, and got the sensible-set.  But, “our” money spends just as well, and we have a little more.

So, I’m counting down the days.  We wants it!

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