A Tale Of Three Glorious Women

My intragender interactions have been most profitable of late (hypothetical injuries notwithstanding).  I’m so happy I could spit.

Remember the problem I had with my upcoming vacation because Delta (via Expedia) moved my flight, resulting in a 4.5 hour layover?  I received much wonderful advice, including advice from KateO that I call Delta and try to get them to change things (which, being an idiot, I promptly forgot).

Well, a couple of days ago, Delta decides to to the same thing again, this time on the return flight.  This is not appealing: because of the two-hour before departure arrival requirement, we faced the prospect of spending 11-12 hours of our vacation in airports. 

I always know that my wife has had enough of my namby-pamby ways when she says “give me the phone”.  She did that yesterday, calling Expedia to give them what for.  Well, the good folks at Expedia said they would be glad to change our flights, if we were willing to pay the difference in fares (which ran from $100-300 per person).  As a man facing the prospect of unemployment, uh, no.

It was at this time I remembered KateO’s advice.  Lintilla called Delta, with that wonderful tone of voice that says, “I’m angry enough to get your attention, but not rude enough that you’ll be uncooperative just to spite me”. 


The customer service rep from Delta was extremely helpful, changing our flights at no extra cost, even changing the time of our rental car reservation.  We now have only a 1 hour layover in Atlanta each way, which, if you’ve been to that airport, is just enough time to hoof it from one terminal to another.  And we get into Ft. Myers at dinnertime instead of bedtime!

So, Kate O and Lintilla saved my family from my all-too-accommodating personality.

The third wonderful woman I want to mention is someone I’ve referred to in the past, without a name.  From now on, I’m going to call her the Redneck Canadian.  We have an interesting work relationship, in that she used to be my boss, but then she got out of the boss business; the last time I lost a lot of weight, she was my workout partner.  So, she knows stuff.

Anyway, she’s had a really rough time of things during the past year or so (actually longer than that), and she didn’t join me on this year’s fitness crusade.  I really missed that, because if I’m left to my own devices I’ll just do a cardio workout.  The Redneck Canadian, on the other hand, prefers strength training.  Together, we make a good fitness team.

A couple of days ago, I begged her again to help me with strength training (I’ve done this on and off as the year has gone by).  She informed me that, due to some medical problems, she recently learned that she had to start exercising again, so I was in luck.  I hate to be happy for myself when someone else gets bad news, but, Yipee!

Today was supposed to be our first day, but I forgot about an appointment, so I screwed up that part.  But, we start Monday with the weights!

Knowing how these things go, it would be wise not to ask me about the Redneck Canadian on Tuesday.  Days 2 and 3 of a strength training regimen are possibly the most painful of all.  But, I appreciate it, anyway.


2 Responses to “A Tale Of Three Glorious Women”

  1. Lynnster Says:

    That’s awesome how that worked out with Delta, congrats. I’ve got to say my experience with Delta’s customer service folks has always been nothing less than wonderful. They have consistently gone above the call of duty to make sure their customers are satisfied and make things as convenient as possible, has been my experience.

    Several years ago I had to cancel a Delta flight at the last minute because of a hurricane brewing at my destination. I expected they would just give me a credit for another ticket since it was such a last minute thing and was pleasantly surprised when told it would be immediately refunded.

    So I’m a big Delta fan, I would much rather fly Delta than stinking Northwest (which has Memphis in a high-priced chokehold) any day. I just wish Delta’s Southeastern U.S. fares would get a little more affordable again… they used to be pretty great to several places, especially Atlanta. I fear those days may be over.

  2. Kate O' Says:

    Cool! I’m glad it worked out.

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