Charity Campaigner, My Butt

I did not know much about Heather Mills before she appeared on Dancing With the Stars.  Tabloid news just doesn’t interest me, and that was the forum for most of the information out there before DWTS.  I knew she was married to Paul McCartney, I knew there was a messy divorce.

Last night, as she was eliminated from the competition, she did something I’ve never seen before on DWTS.  The first thing out of her mouth was blame for the judges, specifically Carrie Ann Inaba .  I thought the British were known for showing grace in all circumstances.  It was ugly, and actually not true.  Heather Mills did not get eliminated because of the judges.  Her scores were always in the mid to top ranges (always better than, say, Billy Ray Cyrus).

Mills was eliminated because she could not connect with the ABC audience.  I’ll be blunt: judging from reading blogs, newspapers, and from personal conversations, I can safely say that most Americans just don’t like Heather Mills.

I tried to give her every benefit of every doubt.  She started well, but two things worked against her: there was too much contrived sympathy farming, and her personality.  Now, I suspect that her agent had negotiated several interesting clauses into her contract.

  • The show had to refer to her as a “Charity Campaigner”.  BTW, what the heck?   Does that mean she’s never had a real job?  Americans don’t go for that royalty stuff.
  • There were probably clauses about “the leg”: how many times it should be shown, mentioned, alluded to.
  • Under no circumstances could anyone on the show mention Sir Paul.

 I have no special knowledge, these are only guesses on my part.  They should have had a clause that prevented her from speaking in the live parts.  She gave us all a glimpse into the the world McCartney had stumbled into when he married her.

There’s only one good, descriptive word that is appropriate for Ms Mills and her conduct last night.  I will not say it here.  However, I can tell you that it’s not “Charity Campaigner”.

Update: Whist checking out British reaction to the news, I ran into this nugget:  apparently, Mills skipped her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night, something I’m pretty sure all the booted stars are required to do.  Sheesh.


6 Responses to “Charity Campaigner, My Butt”

  1. badbadivy Says:

    I hate her, and I’m glad she’s gone. The one leg thing plays on the fact that people like my grandma don’t know anything about her. “But she has one leg, and she’s a charity campaigner, dear, not voting for her would be mean.”

    Notice no mention of WHAT charity she campaigned for until she was voted off.

  2. Frank Says:

    Today, Barbara Walters said Mills canceled on “The View” as well.

  3. Katherine Coble Says:

    The show had to refer to her as a “Charity Campaigner”. BTW, what the heck? Does that mean she’s never had a real job?

    Oh, she has. But “failed Porn star” and “Gold-digger” aren’t really as flattering….

    All y’all who loved her at the beginning of the show were not understood by me. This is why. She’s a tward.

  4. rlgelber Says:

    I think she’s awful. I’m glad she’s gone.

    How tacky of her not to show up for her appearances. Reinforces what a brat she was for Paul.

  5. Lynnster Says:

    She had a mediocre modeling career for a time.

    I have read the Mills version of it was that she was a supermodel, but come on… Cindy Crawford or Kate Moss, she was not.

    I guess she’s leeching onto the “charity campaigner” tag as I believe she was stumping (no pun intended) for some cause when she was first dating Sir Paul. I want to say it was the land mines stuff like Princess Diana did a lot for? Not sure.

    I’m sorry Paul ever got involved with her. I’m sure he is not completely a saint and an innocent in what went wrong with their marriage, but he has at least conducted himself publicly with the same class he always has, while she has just come off as tacky and without much class. Seems the refusal to show up for these recent appearances reinforces this, as rlgelber said.

    I personally just really don’t think Heather Mills deserves to be even mentioned in the same breath as Linda McCartney.

  6. bridgett Says:

    Well, “former midmodel who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident” or “landmine activist best known for being a nutty divorcee” probably didn’t go over well in test-marketing.

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