Slarti’s Laptop: 2003-2007

RIP, little buddy.

 Well, he’s actually on life support.  I’m pretty sure I have a bad sector on the hard disk in a crucial spot the OS (WinXP) needs.  He’ll restart to a certain point, I’ll get a millisecond of the blue screen of death, then another restart.

Doesn’t matter what kind of restart I attempt; I can’t even get it to the command prompt to do a scandisk.  I don’t know enough about hardware, especially laptops, to fix this.  I’m a software guy.  It doesn’t look good, though.

I’m a stupid software guy, at that.  This laptop contains my Microsoft Money files, my emails, most of my logons which I’ve long since forgotten – and I have never backed it up.

This is quite a blow.  Partially self-inflicted, which makes it worse.

Any ideas on how to get out of a perpetual restart?  Or is it time to lay the old boy to rest?

UPDATE:  Using a copy of Windows XP home, I was able to restart enough to do a chkdsk with repair option.  After this, the restart let Windows come up all the way!  I’ve seen this before, so I knew I wasn’t out of the woods yet.  I performed a deep scandisk which, at this time, has been running for 11 hours so far! That disk is screwed up; it has more bad sectors than Detroit. 😉

So, I’m going to get a new hard drive and a transfer kit asap.   Pah.


3 Responses to “Slarti’s Laptop: 2003-2007”

  1. x117236 Says:

    Well… do you have a bootable cd you can toss in the drive to get it restarted? Or know someone who has XP and could make you one?

    If that doesn’t work, what about removing the hard drive and putting it in the freezer, then reinstalling it a couple of hours later? It’s good enough for the pc folks at the Sirius Corp.

  2. Sharon Cobb Says:

    Have you tried hitting F8 when you reboot but before the blue death screen can appear? If you do that, then scroll to the option of starting in “Safe Mode,” then try going to restore–setting the date for the a few days or weeks ago–whenever it was working okay.

    My computer kept getting the blue death screen and died, but the above steps worked like CPR.

  3. Susie Says:

    If you don’t already have one you need a Flash Drive to back up your Money Files-I have had that the computer die on me before losing all the work I had 😦 on Quicken and I now back up to an external flash drive every time I work on it…also makes it easy for me to take that info to my accountant at tax time…

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