Let’s See What Today Brings

Guest blogging over at Nashville is Talking was more fun than I’ve had in a long time.  I generally spend the majority of my weekends inside (don’t start), between laundry and backed-up cleaning, combined with sporting events on television.  This is, of course, when I have no band-related activities (a rare occurrence these days). 

With my laptop, I can continue all of these non-activity-activities while still blogging. 

So, I had probably too much fun over the weekend.

One interesting thing – the spellchecker over there never marks any misspellings, so I couln’t hide behind technology.  My old English teacher would have a heyday with my work this weekend.  Last night, my wife let me know that I had misspelled “bosoms” (for some reason, I want to spell it “busoms”).  Don’t look, I’ve already corrected it.

Now, I’m not sure what kind of posting I can do today.  With cutbacks looming, all of us are working as hard as we can, creating our sacrifices for the corporate gods, in hope They are pleased enough to pass over us when they rain fire from the sky.

How’s that for metaphors?  There were, what, 25 in that paragraph?

Anyway, I’ll probably have a spare moment around lunchtime today.  Right now, I’ve got to wrestle with a SQL query demon from Hell.

(There I go again, Somebody, stop me before I allude again!)


4 Responses to “Let’s See What Today Brings”

  1. john h Says:

    Good job this weekend, (he said with an angry tone in his voice)…

  2. Kathy T. Says:

    I really enjoyed your posts at NiT this weekend, Slarti! I suppose it could be because you mentioned moi twice (big head!), but even without me it was a fun read!

  3. Katherine Coble Says:

    This weekend was fun. Next weekend when you are inside, use some of the time to catch up on The Big Lebowski.

    But make sure the kids are out of the room. Unless you want them using such memorable lines as “Shut the —- up, Donny”

  4. newscoma Says:

    Good job. (Notice second Attaboy from newscoma.) 😉

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