So, Whattaya Doin’ This Weekend?

With X-Alt having the weekend off, I’ll be over a Nashville Is Talking this weekend, serving as guest blogger.  Y’all come on over and visit a while, OK?

It’s quite over there on the weekends, so let’s stir it up a little


3 Responses to “So, Whattaya Doin’ This Weekend?”

  1. Katherine Coble Says:

    Yes . By all means. Let’s stir up the Nashville Blogosphere. It’s been quiet around here lately.

  2. tallboy27 Says:

    i’ll be (in order): watching the preds throttle the sharks, working around the house, going to a holistic healthcare thing at the fairgrounds, rock climbing (weather pending) and playing hockey (outdoor…weather pending).

    thanks for dropping by earlier.

  3. newscoma Says:

    Enjoyed your bloghosting this weekend.

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