SSA – No Way!

So, the school board approved SSA.  In the words of Sargent York: I’m agin’ it.  I just don’t think you can apply Guiliani’s “broken windows” policy, or CS Lewis’ “Jesus Suit” to teenagers.  They just aren’t rational beings – their behavior is not predictable.  So, I think a lot of time and effort will be wasted enforcing this policy.

But some, in their “anti” arguments, just come across as silly. 

Look, I know people resist change.  The unknown is scary.  But, there are thousands of parents in Nashville who already send their kids to schools with uniforms (and pay dearly for the privilege) – you could have checked with any of us before spouting off doomsday silliness.

For the record, my kids are not comformist robots.  Wearing plaid skirts and polo-style shirts has not stifled my daughter’s creativity one bit.  My son and his friends are normal kids – and in no way are they “uniform”.  There are still, unfortunately, cliques.

Like I said, I’m against SSA in public schools.  There are many practical arguments against it. 

But, please, let’s keep the hysteria to a minimum.


One Response to “SSA – No Way!”

  1. Ford Prefect Says:

    My Question is “How much is this going to cost us – the tax payers?” We already help pay for free breakfast and reduced lunch programs, how long before we have to “Pay” for these clothes because some will scream “I can’t afford it” it seem really to be a waste of time and I believe money.

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