Live Blogging Preds/Sharks Game 1 (Sort of)

I’ll post my thoughts on the game tonight as it goes along.  The only exception is: if we get behind by 4 goals or more, I probably won’t be in the mood to say much.  But that won’t happen.  This is our year.

Joe Thornton is HUGE!  Last year when he stood next to Sullivan, it was comical.

It’s always funny to hear “Tootoo hits Cheechoo!”

My friend, mystery lady x, says Shea Weber is “hot”.  I’ll give you my own opinion later (like that means anything!)

 Anyway, sit back, grab a brew, practice saying “aboot”, and cheer for the Preds!  More updates later…

Update 7:02: If this is the first time you’ve ever seen the Preds play, and you hear the crowd chanting in unison, the chances are, the word “suck” is involved. 

Update 7:08: They still haven’t dropped the puck!  I REALLY wish this game were being broadcast in HD.  Terry sounds sober tonight (but still like your fun, old uncle)

Update 7:12: Dang, that was close!  Almost a score by the Sharks, but now we’re on the PP!  They’re playing a stupid trap defense ALREADY. Well, they killed it…

Update 7:17: Shoot! Zids called for cross checking.  Don’t let these guys on the PP…DANG Sharks score right at the end of the PP.  Sharks 1-0.  And we had JUST missed a great shorthanded chance.

Update 7:26 ANOTHER stupid penalty, this time on Weber!  We may be in trouble, boys.  We’re outskating them, but they’re drawing penalties – exactly what they wanted.  We’ve had a few chances, but haven’t capitalized yet.

Update 7:30 We killed it.  Forsberg was held, no penalty! Vokoun looks sharp tonight. WE NEED A SCORE!  ANOTHER PENALTY!!!! They’re diving.  This sucks!  OK, I’m going to stop updating so often.  If I don’t slow down, I’ll just end up posting grunts…

Update 7:40 – This is where I ask my mom and pastor to go away…


They just called a diving penalty on US!  There was NO dive!  We have to beat the Sharks AND the refs.

Update: End of First Period – We’re lucky to be down by only one goal.  I know I’m being a homer, but the penalties called on the Preds have been ticky-tack, and they’re letting the Sharks get away with everything!

Weird thought: I can’t understand what Vokoun is saying in these commercials, but I want to buy whatever it is.

Update 8:04: SCORE!!!!!! Forsberg and Radulov ROCK!

Update 8:06: SCORE!!!!!! We’re on Fire!  Way to keep at it!  We’re making them play OUR game now!

Update 8:09: Dang.  They just tied it.  That was just bad defense (not Vokoun’s fault) 2-2.  I still like the pace of the game now.  Shea Weber just made a great defensive play.  So, right now, I’ll agree with x, he’s hot!

Update 8:17: Holy crap.  Cheechoo just got hurt.  I think they just threw Hartnell out of the game! It’s a mjor, so we have to kill off 5 minutes, whether they score or not.  I have no idea if Hatnell kneed Cheechoo on purpose.

Update 8:24 Score by Sharks.  I am so disgusted right now.  They had a 5 on 3 because Zannon dared to check Thornton on a breakaway.  We can’t beat the Sharks AND the refs.

Update 8:28 another score by the Sharks. This doesn’t look good.  That may have been Vokoun’s fault. 4-2 Sharks.

End of 2nd Period. This sucks this sucks this sucks this sucks.

They just showed a better view of Hartnell’s major.  NO WAY was that intentional kneeing!  Are we going to have this referee crew throughout the series?  (As an aside, x, are they called “referees” in hockey? Is there a better term, besides poopooheads?) If so, we’re screwed.

Update 9:00 – We need a sense of urgency.  We’re down 2 goals. Holy crap. Nabakov just about gave us a goal!  They’re up by two goals – now they set up a wall at the line.  I hate trap-defense hockey. OK, Tootoo just drew a penalty.  Now boys, you’ve gotta put it in the net!

Update 9:10 Fubberpusch.  Penalty on Zids.  39 more seconds of PP. Now WE draw a penalty. GET OFF MY KARIYA, YA BIG GOON!

UPDATE 9:20 SCORE!!!!! Radulov just made the sickest move of the year.  That was beautiful! 4-3.  Let’s get one more! Forsberg draws a penalty!  Of course, our PP hasn’t been so hot tonight  we’re better 5 on 5. THEY PULLED VOKOUN.  SCORE!!!!!!!! HOT DAMN!  Weber scored it – I want to have his baby!

END OF REGULATION: No sleep for me!  Overtime!  WHAT a game!

Ya’ll have no idea how hard this is.  Hockey is a very fast moving game.  We need to score quickly so I can get some sleep, and before my battery runs out. BTW, it can’t be overstated how important it was to get Erat back.  He skates so fast.  Forsberg has made some wonderful passes as well.  Correction – they gave DuMont the goal.  I no longer want to have Weber’s baby, but I might let him get to third base. 😉

Update 9:53: We’ve had our chances.  Good OT period so far.  My heart! Will Radz get the hat trick?   i don;t know.  The Sharks look VERY tired.  Me,too.

WHEN WILL THE PUCK GO IN THE NET?????  We’re shooting like crazy!  Man, Tootoo just had a great chance!

Somebody, please score… (hopefully the Preds)

End of First Overtime: still tied.

I’m afraid I’ll have to sign off here.  I’m pretty exausted.  I’ll still listen to Pete and Terry.  It’s been fun!

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7 Responses to “Live Blogging Preds/Sharks Game 1 (Sort of)”

  1. newscoma Says:

    This is great, Slarti!

  2. x117236 Says:

    I agree, as of 9pm, this sucks.

  3. x117236 Says:

    I enjoy the discussions with Mason on the bench. Especially the nights he’s eating brownies or doing something else during the game.

  4. newscoma Says:

    I like this live-blogging you’re doing.

  5. x117236 Says:

    : ) See… HOT.

  6. x117236 Says:

    Damn, damn… DAMN. That should have been ours.

  7. hutchmo Says:

    i was was great, but oh so painful. The diving call and the knee-ing calls were RIDICULOUS. I hate this word, but they both totally sUckED. Shark’s goalie was freakin’ amazing.

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