Back To Sleeplessness

…but this time, it’s on purpose!

Tonight begins the NHL playoffs!  I will miss a few minutes while at church tonight, but my intentions are to not miss a single minute of the Preds series with the Sharks after that.  I’m going to stay up for the west coast games.  Our boys in mustard are going to beat the Sharks and their whiny coach into oblivion!

I want another shot at the Stars.  I REALLY want another shot at the Red Wings.  But to get that, we have to beat the Sharks.

If you don’t follow Hockey, now would be a great time, while the games are still on Fox Sports Net .  I’ll be honest, I’m a very unlikely hockey fan, but our announcers make the game fun to watch.  Pete Weber gets SOOO excited with each scoring chance, and Terry Crisp reminds me of Harry Carey and other lovable, knowledgeable old guys, who sound, all the time, like they’ve been hitting the sauce.

We have a Hall of Famer in Peter Forsberg.  Paul Kariya is a dynamic, underrated player (who was our superstar before Forsberg came along).  David Legwand, who always seemed to be a disappointment, in on fire this year.  Probably the most electrifying player on our team this year is Alexander Radulov .  Scottie Hartnell, Jason Arnott, and Darcy Hordichuk are “tough guys” (Arnott and Hartnell can also score – Hartnell is a master at the tip-in, and Arnot has such a hard shot that few goalies can stop it one on one).  We have a GREAT goalie tandem of Vokoun and Mason.  And dang it, if we can make it through this series, maybe we’ll get back my favorite player, Steve Sullivan.

Tootoo.  Every time he’s on the ice, all eyes are on Tootoo.  (Listen for little kids’ train whistles every time he touches the puck).

I don’t know if we’ll beat the Sharks.  Last year, they handed our hats to us, but this year, we’re bigger, stronger, and meaner.

This is going to be fun!

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3 Responses to “Back To Sleeplessness”

  1. x117236 Says:

    You forgot about Shea Weber… he’s hot. Young, big, has a great shot and puts in some awesome goals. And he’s hot. ; )

  2. Slartibartfast Says:

    Ahem – I’ll leave the hotness rating to you.

    I thought Kariya was the hot one?

  3. x117236 Says:

    I’d say Kariya is #2. But I like my players a bit bigger and tougher.

    (LOL, like you ever wanted to know all this.)

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