A few words about today.  Easter is the most important of all commemorative days in the Christian calendar.  It’s the day that reminds us that we’re all radical revolutionaries.  Those oh-so hip youngsters walking around Centennial Park with their Che shirts are mere amateurs. 

For all of our goofiness, for all of our apparent conformity, we brothers and sisters in Christ have joined the most dangerous revolution in the history of the universe.

You see, all the other religions out there, every last one of them, are “safe”.  Some are simply philosophy disguised at religion.  Some feed natural narcissism (the only problem with you  is that you just don’t know how wonderfully divine you are!), some bombard us with so many gods we simply give up trying to figure it out.  But every one of them is “safe”. 

But Christianity, out of all the religions out there, is inherently dangerous.  We Christians have bet it all – and amazingly we are walking on the wire without a net. All those little old ladies venturing out into the cold today in fancy dresses and bonnets are daredevils, revolutionaries, radicals.  It’s funny, they may not even know it, but they are, none the same. 

Christianity is the only religion that can be empirically disproven. 

It’s based on an historical event – the one we celebrate today.  This is why James Cameron’s box was such a big deal.  If Jesus’ body is in that box, everything that came after is a lie.  Some think that means He was simply a great teacher, but as C S Lewis reminds us, Jesus, if He was not God, was a horrible, awful man.  He would have led millions astray.

We’ve bet it all that the Resurrection happened.  And we’ve made a dangerous bet, indeed.

There are many theological points I could make about how, when a person “meets” Jesus, and the Holy Spirit enters him, there are no more doubts.  Christians already know this.

There were once 11 non-educated working men.  They got caught up in the mood of the day, and started following some holy man from town to town.  Many whispered that this man would lead a revolution to overthrow the government that kept them in subjugation. Their day, the one where centuries of suffering would end, was at hand.

Imagine their disappointment when the revolution ended suddenly, with the arrest of the holy man.  They watched him beaten beyond recognition, and they watched him die the death reserved for the lowest of criminals.  It was over.

How disappointed they were, as they hid from the Authorities and prepared to make their way back to their homes, feeling foolish that they had just wasted years on a phony.

But then, something happened.

We know this, because these non-educated working men suddenly changed.  It is fact, recorded in the annals of Romans and Jews, that these uncouth, hard men, all of a sudden started going from town to town, screaming at the tops of their lungs, proclaiming they had seen God.  Theirs must have been a radical message, because over time, this breakaway Jewish sect brought down kings and kingdoms.  Nothing could stop them: not beatings, not imprisonment, not death.

Something happened.

Today, we Christians celebrate the start of The Revolution.  Happy Easter.


3 Responses to “Dangerous”

  1. sistasmiff Says:

    Woo hoo! We can face tomorrow. Thank you for that.

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