It’s Hard To Sleep With All This Racket

Well, I finally see the doctor today about the insomnia problem.  I don’t like this, not at all.  I have an aversion to medication, which one day I’ll write a post about.

 The good thing is, I’m running on little sleep, so at least I’ll look the part.  First off, there’s the new puppy thing; we’re all still getting used to one another.  Otis hasn’t quite figured out our schedules yet.  He thinks the night time is the right time for play time.  Hopefully, we can get him on the right track soon.

 Then, there’s the other excitement from last night.  You see, my life has been devastated twice by fire; once, when I was 20, then again during the year from Hell.  I’m pretty shell shocked when it comes to fire.

Two of our smoke alarms went off at bout 1:30 AM last night.

Of course, we bounded out of bed to find out what was going on.  There was no smoke, no fire, and only two of the alarms were sounding (We’re pretty paranoid – we have about 10 smoke alarms throughout the house, hard-wired to the house wiring).  The two that were going off were in the children’s bedrooms.  They sounded for about a minute, then stopped.  We have NO idea what caused it, which, of course, is a cause for great concern in and of itself.

Even more alarming: Trillian slept through the entire thing.  She’s a VERY deep sleeper.  But, that means I can’t depend on her to take part in the evacuation plan if there ever is a real fire.  I’ll just have to “rescue” her.  My dad ran into a burning house during fire #1, looking for my brother, but he’s made of better stuff than I.  I seriously doubt there’s very much “hero” in me.  But, to save my daughter, I’d do anything.

Hopefully, we’ll never find out.

Anyway, I never got back to sleep after that (would you?).  That’s why I’m looking forward to meds, despite my own weird aversion to medication.


One Response to “It’s Hard To Sleep With All This Racket”

  1. Lynnster Says:

    If it was just one I’d not think twice, but two bothers me. They’re hard wired to the house, I’m guessing you are not really in an “older” home?

    That’s freaky. Hope you can get some decent sleep tonight. And hehehe – Otis. He is just so happy in his new home he doesn’t want to go to sleep! You’re right, he’ll adjust. Mine eventually gave up trying to wake me up on the weekends, heh.

    PS My former co-worker’s family, when she was a kid, had a black cat named Otis. Their last name is Reddin. 🙂

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