It’s been a while since things were like this at the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.  Everyone has known something was going to happen; the company is billions (with a “b”) in debt.  Now, the rumours and whispers have reached a fever pitch.  Now, the word that every IT worker in the world dreads the most is being spoken in hushed tones:


Now, my small department apparently is going to get smaller, but we may be the lucky ones.

Funny, it’s like the weather.  You know that “feeling” in the air when a snow, or a big storm is on the way?  Well, there have been a rash of retirements lately; this many at one time should have given us a clue that some had been given a head’s up, and were getting out while the getting was good.

The managers at the Sirius Cybernetics Corp would be wise to be perfectly up front with everyone.  The uncertainty is the hardest part, and it’s causing a marked drop in productivity.

I’ve always tried to live Jesus’ words about not worrying; that’s really going to be put to the test in the coming months.  Interstingly, my own luck in employment makes this harder for me.  I have been gainfully employed nonstop since 1979.  I have never left a job, unless I was moving up to a higher paying job.  So, I don’t know what being involuntarily terminated is like;  because it is “the unknown”, it’s even scarier to me than some of my coworkers who have been through it before.

This is the last I’m going to mention this for a while, unless I learn something definite.  It’s not good for me to sit and worry.  I’m going to try and enjoy the weekend instead.


6 Responses to “Turmoil”

  1. newscoma Says:

    I”m going through something very similar. The old jerk and pull is driving me crazy at my job. One day, I’m being phased out, the next day, there is denial that it was even mentioned.
    This week has been filled with sleepless nights, tears and, as bad as I hate to even admit it, some despair.
    I’m being very honest here because you have been as well.
    I know things are going to be okay, but it’s the journey that’s the bitch, you know what I mean?
    Anyway, sending many good thoughts to you and your family.
    We are all going to be okay.

  2. Katherine Coble Says:

    I’ve been right there in that scenario a couple of times. My last job was spent almost wholly in that type of situation–huge corporate debt, massive RUMOURS of layoffs, lots of retirement, etc.

    Management almost always makes the mistake of not being upfront with the employees for two reasons. They don’t know themselves what they’re doing and they are afraid that the good employees will also be the proactive ones who will look for work elsewhere and leave their already-struggling company in the hands of the lesser-able staff members.

    But the constant rumour and worry and tension make everything that much worse.

    Like you I’ve never been involuntarily removed from an adult job. (I was once fired from babysitting…) At my last company I did indeed think I was “the lucky one”. And in some ways that’s true. The devil you know is better than the devil you have to go out searching for and who makes you prepare resumes.

    But after going through this lay-off with my husband for the past three months I have to say that I almost think the layoff scenario is better.
    –You get a clean break.
    –You get to find the other things that God has for you. A better job, some quality time with your family. A few weeks to clear your head.
    –You get to experience firsthand the full measure of God’s grace. That sounds like pretty church-talk, but I cannot stress how deeply sincere about it I am. We’ve had more direct evidence of the hand of God in all this than I ever thought possible. You really learn the definition of Peace Beyond Reason.

    So, take it from me who has (kind of) been on both sides of where you’re at right now. There is not really a ‘bad’ in all this.

    There are unknowns. But God is bigger than any unknown.

  3. Ginger Says:

    Hey Slarti, I sent you a couple of e-mails in the past few days. Have you gotten them?

  4. badbadivy Says:

    Boy, do I understand this, my company’s been the same way. “You’re fired.” “Just kidding, we need you”. Meanwhile, people I love to death are getting fired and I worry that my job was saved because they had to go. And now the work we all have to do is tripled, and it pisses me off, even though I know I should be grateful I got to stay.

    I think better things are out there on the horizon for you. My only advice is, cast a great big net. Every time I have done this, I have caught the fish I wanted, and a few more to boot.

  5. Katherine Coble Says:

    nd now the work we all have to do is tripled, and it pisses me off, even though I know I should be grateful I got to stay.

    Yeah. That was my experience at my last job. They kept piling the crap on.

    I was hired as an Exec. Assistant to the AVP of Marketing. At the end of 5 years I was the Catalog Manager, Licensing Manager and Associate Brand Manager. Plus still doing many EA functions. And all with just cost-of-living raises. Because that’s the M.O. of a company in this situation. They know they have you by the short hairs and keep holding “you’re lucky you still have a job” over your head as you take on not only the job you were hired for but the jobs of 4 other people as well.

    My boss who made $90K+ a year left. I did her job for 11 months at my salary of $32K. When I said something I got the exact words: ‘well at least you have a job so don’t complain’.

    Sorry. Long rant. Anyway, all of this to say that in comparison perhaps being laid off wouldn’t have been so bad.

  6. x117236 Says:

    Hey, you spell rumours like a Canadian!

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