Attention WordPress Geeky-People (and Lynnster)

What the heck happened to my left sidebar on my home page?  It’s there when you go to the individual posts, but nothing I do can get it back on the home page.

 Any help would be appreciated.

 UPDATE: Never mind. Just posting this post seemed to have fixed it. I guess I just wasn’t holding my nose correctly.


One Response to “Attention WordPress Geeky-People (and Lynnster)”

  1. Lynnster Says:

    Well, glad it fixed itself, but just thought I’d pipe in (even though this probably has nothing to do with what happened to you) that I only recently found out that WordPress does a lot of sidebar caching and sometimes changes you make in the sidebar might not show up for several minutes. Which probably explains a lot of head banging I did in early days when I’d do things and they wouldn’t show up.

    But (possibly more to the point of the problem you had) every once in a while you’ll see customizations disappear for a short time… usually it’s more with custom headers, but I would think probably happens with sidebar stuff too sometimes. I think they’re usually working on something when it happens.

    Also, I do know for sure they have been recently doing some updating on all the available themes (and presumably making some fixes to some of the ones that had a bug or two). They did quite a bit of it a while ago – I think the same day Sista was worried about her original template disappearing and doing weird stuff, I think it would have righted itself later in the day – and I think that is still going on so you may see some funky things from time to time, but it probably won’t last but for a few minutes or at least a short while.

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