Two Smells at the Park

I noticed something strange while jogging.  At Centennial Park, on the jogging path, there are two spots at opposite corners.  The first is on the side next to the lake, at the corner across from Centennial Medical Center and HCA.  This may be the worst smelling spot in the universe.  A putrid smell blows in off of Lake Watauga; Lord knows what makes it.  I’m sure that ducks, geese and pollution have something to do with it.  It’s gag-inducing, so I run harder through that corner.

 The other is at the exact opposite end of the trail, right in front of Hog Heaven.  The wonderful smell of slow roasting pork wafts toward the path.  This is combined with the smell of McDonald’s french fries from next door.  IT is absolutely heavenly.  This corner is why I don’t bring money with me on the jog.  In fact, I run pretty fast through this corner, too.  It’s almost torture.

These are the smells of lunch hour, when you’re trying to get in shape and the weather’s nice.


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