More Reasons Your Mother Told You To Stay Away From Me

Yes, since I’ve been in an introspective mood lately, it’s brought to the front of my mind just how strange I am.  Not contrived “notice me!” strangeness; there’s no reason to give that kind of personlity trait a second thought.  After all, that kind of “different” is an act – something I’ve been guilty of before.  I am an attention-craving middle child, after all.  No, the strangeness that’s come to my attention is wholly genuine.

This is weird: Even though I live a good 9 miles from downtown, because we live on such a hill, during the winter we can see downtown from our house.  Every morning when I get up, I pull my drapes open just a bit to see if downtown is still there.  Blame 9/11, I guess.  It’s the same mentality when I’m driving up my street.  There’s a big curve before you get to my house.  While going around the curve, I say a little prayer that the house is still there.  Every time.  Blame that on the fact that one time, it wasn’t.

This is weird: I have a “thing” for Kari Byron from Mythbusters.  I’m a little too old to have a geek-crush.  I think my inner nerd just appreciates her accesibility to boys who live in that world; most attractive females would not come within a mile of the dungeons and dragons set, except to manipulate and market.  She’s an unlikely sex symbol,but more power to her!

This is weird: I like mustard on McDonald’s sausage biscuits.  Haven’t had one since I started the diet, though.

This is weird: my television viewing habits would confound any marketing surveyor.  Sunday: NASCAR, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, plus whatever’s on Discovery Channel.  Monday: Dancing with the Stars.  Tuesday: DWTS results show. Wednesday: Mythbusters, CSI NY. Thursday: Ugly Betty, CSI. Friday is movie night. Saturday: sports, sports, and more sports.  Any and all programming is pre-emtpted when the Preds are playing.  Let’s face it, advertising people.  You don’t know whether do use sex, emotion, or fear to market to me. 🙂

This is weird: I haven’t read a book for entertainment purposes in about 10 years.  I know, I know.  My mind is turning to mush.

That’s enough weirdness for one day.


9 Responses to “More Reasons Your Mother Told You To Stay Away From Me”

  1. Kari Byron » Kari Byron March 22, 2007 3:46 pm Says:

    […] March 20, 2007 5:09 pm Jodie Marsh March 20, 2007 8:41 am Zach Galifianakis March 19, ? …More Reasons Your Mother Told You To Stay Away From Me This is weird: I have a ?thing? for Kari Byron from Mythbusters. I?ma little too old to have a […]

  2. newscoma Says:

    I don’t think you’re weird at all. I think you are just you.
    A. I have a huge crush on Benicio Del Toro although he creeps most people out.
    B. I eat sour cream and A1 sauce on everything.

    Just makes us, well … us.

  3. badbadivy Says:

    LMAO. You’re weeeeeeird, Slarti. 😉

  4. Sooz Says:

    So whats wrong with mustard on sausage biscuits? If that’s weird I guess I have to join the club…

  5. Katherine Coble Says:

    A) You may be weird, but not as weird as the person who has a Kari Byron stalker blog.

    B) I can’t imagine not reading books. That is weird to me.

  6. Lynnster Says:

    I can’t remember offhand if Edge puts mustard or mayo on his sausage biscuits – it’s one of the two – but in either case, y’all are both a little “touched” there. Condiments do not belong on sausage biscuits!

  7. Shoot The Moose Lord, We Are The Geek Family « Says:

    […] favorite), Grant, (Trillian’s favorite), Tory (Who we all love for his silliness),and Kari (my favorite, I wonder why?); sometimes they feel like members of the family.  Irreverent geeks…yeah, […]

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