DWTS – First Impressions

Sharon Cobb has a great wrapup of last night’s Dancing With he Stars, and there’s little I need to repeat, but I’ll give my own personal impressions.

Sharon is right, John Ratzenberger was the surprise of the night. Who knew?  The man has a natural talent, it’s plain to see, and he’s dancing with Edyta, who always makes her partner look better.  I think he may end up in the final four.

Billy Ray Cyrus was awful.  Each year, there’s one person who obviously doesn’t want to be there, and it looks like Billy Ray is the one this year.  He will make a quick exit.

Laila Ali. Hmmm.  I was not surprised with how graceful she was.  Boxers understand footwork.  It’s going to be between her an Clyde Drexler to see which athlete will go the farthest.  She was abslolutely beautiful, so when she spoke, with a voice lower than my own, it was a little surprising. Testosterone does funny things.

Apolo Ohno – he was pretty darn good.  I never knew he was such a shrimp, though.

Heather Mills was just too “British” for me.  Prim, proper, stiff.  That’ll work during the waltz, but she’s going to have to loosen up before the Latin dances.  And yes, I mean her upper body.

Clyde Drexler has a lot of potential, but he held back a lot.  If he’s able to let go, he’ll do well.

Former Miss USA Shandi Fennessey was not as annoying to me as she was to Sharon.  She was just OK, though.  And beauty queens traditionally don’t do well on this show.  The crowd seems to prefer “real” celebrities (how’s that for an oxymoron).

Moms I’d like to…dance with.  OMG, Leeza Gibbons and Paula Porizkova.  I can’t tell you much about their dances – they were stunningly beautiful, and I was in ogling mode.  It’s interesting that my taste in women is “aging” with me.  Oh, Porizkova is tall.  It seemed to bother her partner.

It’s going to come down to Joey Fatone and Ian Ziering;  they seem to be the most natural dancers.  One day, a woman is going to win this contest, but it won’t be this year.


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