It’s Not Exactly “The Terminal”, But Close

Any of ya’ll ever have a near 4 hour layover at Atlanta International Airport?  Is there anything interesting to do during that time?  I guess we could shop, eat, and shop some more.

One of the pitfalls of early booking, I suppose.  I got such a great rate on flights to Fort Myers, I snatched them up.  Then, Expedia lets me know that Delta has changed the flights.  We already had a 2 hour layover, now it’s nearly four.  And, as far as I can tell, we’re stuck, because I think there’s a penalty for changing flights.

So, am I stuck with this (an outgoing flight I’d rather not have)?  If so, what is there to do in the Atlanta airport with two kids for all that time?


7 Responses to “It’s Not Exactly “The Terminal”, But Close”

  1. Katherine Coble Says:

    It’s like a mall. Truly. There are a TON of shops and places to eat.
    Last time we had a 4-hour layover at ATL it went by in no time flat.

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  3. jonathan hickman Says:

    I say do what you’d normally do if you knew you were going to be stuck somewhere for four hours. Bring a book, a laptop, and a deck of cards. Heck, if you have a laptop with a dvd player, bring a pair of headphones for the kids and a couple of books for the adults.

  4. Kate O' Says:

    Four hours may well be enough to leave the terminal on public transportation and get back in time for the next flight, something I used to do before the process of clearing security got so ridiculous. I don’t know Atlanta nearly well enough to know whether this is a useful suggestion, though. Good luck!

  5. Kate O' Says:

    Or, if you prefer, you might want to call Delta’s customer service and complain to see if they change your flight at no charge.

  6. Lynnster Says:

    Hey – you’re not going this weekend are you? It looks like I may be in the Atlanta airport an extended period this weekend…

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