Oh, Happy Day


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7 Responses to “Oh, Happy Day”

  1. Ginger Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I understand how those weight milestones are. Mine is always 150. Whenever I’m struggling with gaining/losing/gaining/losing, if I can hit 150, I’m a happy girl.

    Congrats again!

  2. Nashville is Talking » A Patch of Clover Says:

    […] Does it really take 7 years to digest swallowed gum? Slarti hits a milestone! I recommend you buy her some Desenex in the morning. Paying the price of love? or…the things B gets herself into. Brain. Hurts. Send. Help. Kat’s gotta new “do”! That was sloppy ugly. Sold! Spread It Around: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  3. amy Says:

    you weigh a ton?! and that’s a good day?!

    oh, wait. there’s a tiny decimal point. sorry 😉

  4. Lynnster Says:

    Congratulations!! Woohoo!

  5. Susie Says:

    So are you at your goal weight now? Congratulations…I know that was at least a start, if not where you wanted to be..I am very proud!

  6. Slartibartfast Says:

    Susie – 200? I’m 5′ 9″ ! 😉

    This was a intermediate goal. I’m about halfway there. I eventually want to be as skinny as your husband. 🙂

  7. Warrior Says:

    Way to go, man!

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