Going Under the Hood

Y’all hang in there.  I’m going to play around with different templates today.  I’ve had it with the “only one article at a time” thing.  Sometimes I have many different things to say.

The template will change sporadically.  When you see the white puffs of smoke, you’ll know I’ve decided on one.


What do y’all think?  I like themes that stretch the text all the way across the screen.  This one is quite pleasing to the eye.


10 Responses to “Going Under the Hood”

  1. newscoma Says:

    You will start a frenzy, I’m afraid.
    Now I want to change mine again because I like the three column thing going on here.

  2. Slartibartfast Says:

    Blame it on Rachel. She started with my old template, then switched, and that got me going.

  3. nm Says:

    Can you show a list of recent comments? and is there any WordPress blog that just lets you get back to the main page?

  4. Slartibartfast Says:

    nm, I’ll get right on it. I aim to please.

    To get back to the main page,click the header.

  5. nm Says:

    Recently bagged … Slarti, that’s fabulous.

    As for clicking on the header, do you mean to tell me that all this time on all those WordPress blogs that’s all I had to do? OK, I’m duuuuuubm. I mean, duuuuuumb.

  6. nm Says:

    Oh, and I rudely forgot to say before that I like both the colors and the layout. They are gentle to the eye.

  7. Lynnster Says:

    I like it… this one, in fact, was my second choice for mine (except in pink or purple). There are things I like better and things I don’t like about the one I’m currently using, and things I like better and things I don’t like about this one – for my blog. I like yours a lot with this one. I wish more of WP’s templates could change color schemes like this one has the capability to.

  8. Lynnster Says:

    PS You know, now that they have made the importer for New Blogger you can import your old stuff over here if you want…

  9. newscoma Says:

    I initially didn’t want to transfer my stuff over as I wanted to make a fresh start.
    But then, yeah, I changed my mind.
    Lynnster helped me do it and am most satisfied.
    I really dig this new layout.

  10. KC Says:

    I do like this layout very much.

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