Nashville Star Update – Final for 2007

So now you have your 2007 Nashville Star: Angela Hacker.  I’m sure this surprised no one.  She was the favorite from the beginning, and the only one who gave her a run for the money was her brother Zac.  I’m pretty happy about it.

 I actually think Miss Hacker has a very good chance of becoming a “big” Nashville star.  So far, the show has not produced a Carrie Underwood type mega star, but it must be remembered that for two years the “record deal” being given away was with a mid-sized label.  The first year, with Buddy Jewel, was with Sony – and Buddy did better than anybody else on the show has since done (save Miranda Lambert).  Not only will Hacker have the backing of Warner Nashville, but she may be the benefit of a right place, right time situation.

Country music goes through cycles.  I guess all genres do, but country is what I know right now.  It goes like this: a “revolution” happens, a breath of fresh air, giving a buzz and excitement to the industry.  Sales go up.  Then, all the labels try to copy the success of the revolutionary, but before you know it, we’re back to slick, plastic, safe performers being put before the public.  The labels just can’t help themselves.

The last revolution was the Muzik Mafia craze of a few years ago.  Since that died down, and became a little more slick and marketable, the world of country music has been waiting for the next great thing.  I think it may have it, in both the Hackers.   We’ve had a few years now of “forced redneck-ism”, thanks to Gretchen Wilson; I think the world is now ready for the real thing.

That’s something we haven’t had since Loretta Lynn was big.

I sincerely hope Hacker’s Warner producers don’t try to glam her up.  They should play the trailer park aspect as much as they can.  America is filled with people just like Hacker, I really believe they can relate to her.

David St Romain better get his own deal out of this.  He was awesome, and consistent.  I loved his original.

I have no doubt about this: Zac’s going to be OK.  He’ll get his own deal, and no doubt record a duet with his sister.  He almost let the cat out of the bag about that last night.

This was a very good year on Nashville Star.  Jewel and Cowboy Troy were very good hosts (I’d like to see a little more reaction between them).  The judges may have been maddening, but they were entertaining.  Next year, I’d like to see the first show dedicated to the regionals (this is a huge part of the appeal of AI).  They did that the first year, and it was quite entertaining.

I already can’t wait for next year.

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