You Know What They Say…

They say to never go to bed angry at your spouse.

They  say don’t marry a rebound lover.

They say don’t buy a car when you’re upset.

They don’t say this, but they should…

When you’ve had a really tough week, and an even worse weekend morning, do NOT go to PetSmart on doggie adoption day.

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The Math of Frustration

The way things have been going


Flat tire on the xB


Death to anyone who gets between me and beer tonight.

And it won’t be 80 calorie Rolling Rock light, dammit.

Off to WalMart (which is always such a peaceful place on Saturday) to get the tire patched.

Fubberpusch .  That’s my favorite non-curse curse word.



It’s been a while since things were like this at the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.  Everyone has known something was going to happen; the company is billions (with a “b”) in debt.  Now, the rumours and whispers have reached a fever pitch.  Now, the word that every IT worker in the world dreads the most is being spoken in hushed tones:


Now, my small department apparently is going to get smaller, but we may be the lucky ones.

Funny, it’s like the weather.  You know that “feeling” in the air when a snow, or a big storm is on the way?  Well, there have been a rash of retirements lately; this many at one time should have given us a clue that some had been given a head’s up, and were getting out while the getting was good.

The managers at the Sirius Cybernetics Corp would be wise to be perfectly up front with everyone.  The uncertainty is the hardest part, and it’s causing a marked drop in productivity.

I’ve always tried to live Jesus’ words about not worrying; that’s really going to be put to the test in the coming months.  Interstingly, my own luck in employment makes this harder for me.  I have been gainfully employed nonstop since 1979.  I have never left a job, unless I was moving up to a higher paying job.  So, I don’t know what being involuntarily terminated is like;  because it is “the unknown”, it’s even scarier to me than some of my coworkers who have been through it before.

This is the last I’m going to mention this for a while, unless I learn something definite.  It’s not good for me to sit and worry.  I’m going to try and enjoy the weekend instead.

And I Thought I was Weird

Yesterday, I get home from work, feeling a little anxious because of all the troubles, and I hear music.  I was a little worried that someone had broken into our house to get an Alan Jackson fix, but, no one was there.  We have one of those all-in-one unit thingies that plays cds, cassettes, AM/FM, and what we used to call “records”.  It sits in the dining room, right next to Gigi.

Gigi is our spotted leapard gekko.  The most interesting thing I can say about her is that she likes to watch TV.  Especially Animal Planet.  She’ll sit on Lintilla’s chest, or her shoulder, or even her head, and watch the big screen.  She never tries to run away, she just watches, like Arnold the pig.

Where was I going with this?

Oh, yeah.  Anyway, I scolded the children for leaving the radio on all day. Here’s the rest of the conversation:

Zaphod: But Daaaad! WE didn’t do it!
Trillian: Yeah, it was Mom!
Me: But, your mom is always so good at turning off everything before she leaves. I wonder why she forgot the radio?
Zahpod: She didn’t FORGET! She did it on purpose!
Me: Huh?
Trillian: Yeah, she did it so Gigi wouldn’t be bored, sitting here alone all day.

 I do love that woman so.

But that’s weird.

Dillard’s Fashion Show

Sorry about the shaky picture – we’re new to this!


I want to thank everyone for your good thoughts and prayers.  I actually feel like I’m amongst the living today; I slept pretty well last night (with a little ‘help’). 

My work situation is what it is.  It doesn’t quite seem as dire here in the morning light.  There is a solution where no one loses their job, and we are currently pursuing that.  Let’s all hope and pray that comes through.

I’m working on uploading the video of the kids at the Dillard’s fashion show to YouTube.  As soon as it’s there, I’ll embed it here.  It’s cute, although Lintilla and I are pretty horrible videographers.

A Punch In The Gut

Work sucks right now.  Bad.

I’ve been expecting for some time the news I got today. 

And the kicker?

Explicit instructions to not tell anyone. And I am still employed (for now) so I can say no more.

This sucks.  I may say more later, when I am free to do so.