Blankly Staring

My dad has possessed a torturous malady for quite a long time (at least 15 years).  He can get to sleep with no problem.  Then, abrutly he wakes at about 2:00 am and cannot get back to sleep.  No wonder he’s always grumpy.

 Well, here we are.  It happened to me this morning.  Not quite as bad as my dad’s problem, but close.  I woke at 3:30, and simply could not get back to sleep.  I gave up and got out of bed at 4:00.  After a pot of coffee and getting ready for work, I managed to be pretty awake and alert.  Now, sitting in my office, I am in a haze.

Yes, I ingest way too much caffeine.  I don’t know if cutting back would help or not.

If I have any posts today that make it appear that I am in a drug-induced delirium, you’ll know why.


One Response to “Blankly Staring”

  1. sistasmiff Says:

    I do that a lot. My hour of waking is usually more right at 3. I wake up and am wide awake until about 4:30 or so. I think it’s either one of two things….I sleep with the tv on and we need a new mattress REALLY bad. It’s a rarity to wake up in the morning and realize I have slept all the way through the night. I haven’t always been this way. This started in the last three years or so. Maybe I need some of that Ambien stuff.

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