Grill Trouble

Time for a little distributed problem solving.  I need some advice.  This weather lately has got me thinking of “springy” things.  This year, I’d like to take care of, once and for all, something that’s been bugging me for years.

You see, when my father-in-law designed his house (which is now our house), it was the late 50’s early 60’s.  Decks were not as big then, patios were.  So we have a patio.  A cool patio, with a rock-wall planter around it.  We have it filled with hostas, because it’s impossible to kill hostas.  The neatest feature about this patio is that there is a built-in barbeque, or grill, or whatever it was called at the time.  Here it is:


Never  mind all the leaves 🙂 .

I love this thing.  I’d love for it to be my primary outdoor cooking appliance.  But here’s the problem.  It’s only good for direct-heat cooking.  Obviously, there’s no lid, so indirect heat won’t work.  If I have to cook with direct heat, I prefer gas.

So, for the years I’ve lived here, I’ve rarely used this old gem.  I want to, though.  The way I see it, I have two choices, both of them kind of expensive.  I could have someone come out and retrofit it for gas (it would have to be propane, we do not have natural gas at our house).  Someone who knew what they were doing would have to do it.  I don’t trust myself.

Or, I could have a lid fabricated for it, probably out of sheet metal.  It would have to be fabricated, because the shape is so strange:


It almost begs for a roll-top, but I ain’t made out of money.

To be honest, I prefer cooking with charcoal.  My dad taught me the best methods of searing with direct heat, then cooking with indirect heat.  You can do that with gas, but it’s harder.  I also need to get out without losing an arm and a leg.

If y’all could give me ideas and advice, I’ll invite you over for a cookout this summer!  


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