What’s the Frequency, Kenny?

So, Kenny Chesney decided to answer a question nobody asked.  I don’t understand why.

 Those of us who do not buy his records don’t care.

Those who do, obviously don’t care either.  According to my wife, anyone who is a fan of Chesney is not a fan because of sexual attraction.  Heh.

Maybe he’s getting the country “Clay Aiken” contingent.  There is a crude term (that I won’t use) that describes a woman who loves, and loves to hang around, gay men.  This is obviously not what’s happening with kenny’s fans (or Clay’s fans, for that matter).  There apparently is a segment of the population fascinated with men who “could” be gay, but are not public about it.  How ’bout we call them “closet chicks”?

Anyway, I guess Kenny’s career needed a boost.  I can’t figure out why he’d do the interview (with, ironically – the closet chicks’ favorite newsman, Anderson Cooper).

Anyway, why is this even a subject for public conversation?  Oh, yeah.  We’re trying to explain how a man that no woman I know finds attractive, whose voice is one of the most annoying nasal voices on the radio today, could fill stadiums across the country.  Oh, and because Kenny brought it up, for some strange reason.


2 Responses to “What’s the Frequency, Kenny?”

  1. KC Says:

    When he & Renee Zellweger seperated, they checked “Fraud” on the ‘reason for seperation’ form.

    The rumour mill went into overdrive, assuming that the Fraud was Chesney’s sexuality. So it’s been a big question. Or it WAS a big question like a year ago when all this happened.

  2. nm Says:

    Well, but since Nashville is always about 5 years behind the big fads, Kenny is actually ahead of the Nashville curve by adressing a question from last year.

    My favorite thing about Kenny Chesney is that you can use the local pronunciation of his name (Kinny Chizzny) to demonstrate what a Nashville accent sounds like.

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