Taken Sometime in The 80’s

Sometime In The Eighties

In my parents front yard.

Skinny Tie? Check.

Suspenders? Check.

“Get The Knack” Haircut? Check

Even with her hair pulled back and behind those super-sized glasses, Lintilla was gorgeous. 

Holy cow, do I ever love that woman!

I’ve actually got another one, taken earlier, where I look all of 17 years old.  But I’m wearing shorts so tight, you can tell my religion, so I think we’ll just stick with this one.

For some reason, I’m feeling wistfully nostalgic today.


2 Responses to “Taken Sometime in The 80’s”

  1. hutchmo Says:

    I love those gi-normous glasses…I had me some of those too sometime in that era.

    My favorite Knack memory was seeing a pic of them playing in NY with their own ‘Nuke the Knack’ t-shirts, which was pretty much my sentiment, even though I have to admit in retrospect that ‘my sharona’ is a great pop song.

  2. Lynnster Says:

    This is awesome and so is the glamour one!! Lintilla looks the same to me, she hasn’t aged. But I think you actually look younger NOW than in the picture because of that ‘stache!! Ha!!

    You look like you could have been one of the guys in Tommy Tutone, hehehe…

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