Why it Matters

This is a post I’m probably going to have to re-write several times over the next couple of years.  One of the most horrible sophistries that survived the Clinton years was this:

 “It doesn’t matter what a leader does in his personal life, as long as he is good at [insert most pressing issue here].” 

In the 90’s, the sentence was completed with “managing the economy”.  For many short-sighted conservatives today, it is completed with “conducting the war on terror”.

Here’s what Sarah Moore has to say about the indiscretions of Rudy Guiliani:

Guiliani’s battles will come on the issues alone. As I mentioned in a recent post, our national security is the biggest issue that the next president must face. Every other issue must be secondary to our nation’s very survival. I believe that no other candidate is better to lead this fight than Guiliani.

Let me say that never, under any circumstances, will I EVER vote for Mr Guiliani.  AND, my reasons have to do with the war on terror, and the economy, and trade issues, and all the other things the president does.  And yes, it also has to do with his affair with the woman who is now his current wife.

You must understand, what Guiliani did to his second wife Donna Hanover was not simply some indiscretion, some mid-life crisis “mistake”, or the natural progression of a crumbling marriage.  He humiliated his wife, quite publicly.  A man who is capable of doing such things posseses character traits that we definitely do NOT want in a president.

A man who is capable of such a thing views other people as means to an end, as props in his life, easily discarded.  Mr Clinton also showed some of these sociopathic tendencies, and many lives were destroyed in the periphry of Clinton’s rise to Glory.  I think it would be far worse under Guiliani.

How could allies trust him?  Could he gain any loyalty from subordinates?  Would they be afraid of giving him advice he didn’t want to hear, for fear of public humilation themselves?    The list would never end – having a sociopath as president is quite dangerous; or do you need to see The Path to 9/11 again?

No, Sarah, it’s not just about sex.  These are dire times.  We need a leader who not only has nerves of steel, but empathy and compassion; one who can carefully consider each and every life affected by a policy.  A person everyone can trust.  I’m no fan of John McCain, but I’d trust him with that job before I’d trust Mr Guiliani.  My goodness (hopefully the Lord won’t strike me down) perhaps Mrs Clinton posseses more of these important traits.

Please don’t make me vote for her.


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