To Mr OCD Guy at Work

Look, I know you only mean well.  But it is quite annoying to walk to the fridge in the breakroom to see my Healthy Choice frozen dinner moved from its easily recognizable spot atop the other Healthy Choice frozen dinners – and placed neatly amongst the others arranged on their sides by box height.

I didn’t have time to look; did you alphabetize them?

Here’s the deal:  those other frozen dinners have been there since 1998.  Nobody is going to eat them; their owners gave up and started going out to McD’s again.  If you want,  consider those frozen dinners “edible decorations”.  And, by all means, please arrange them by calorie count or sodium content.  I love coming in every day to see your handiwork.

But please, for the love of Moses, leave mine alone!  I get to work at SIX in the morning.  I’m lucky if I have matching socks.  How the heck am I supposed to remember which frozen dinner is mine at 11:30 ?  My brain is fried by then.  And you expect me to remember that I brought in “Glazed Turkey with Dressing”, not the one on the left, but the right?  If I pick the wrong one, it has the overpowering taste of Hazel’s frozen catfish from last fall – and I’m on a trip to Centennial to get my stomach pumped out.

Just leave my dinner where it is, please.

But if you REALLY have  a need to organize, please come see me.  My desk is hopeless.

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One Response to “To Mr OCD Guy at Work”

  1. jagadiah Says:

    What is up with people? There’s a person in my office that eats the same brand of frozen lunches as mine, and when I came in one day with two weeks worth of lunches, he walked in to ‘supervise’ my freezer packing, only to say “well, they all become community after awhile anyway” when I asked him if one already in the freezer was his.

    Pardon me, but MY HIND END they all become community. Some of us have to stretch our budgets to buy these lunches (he doesn’t). So I sectioned off the freezer by separating our two piles of boxes with the ice trays.

    Childish? A little. Territorial? Perhaps. Totally off topic from what I was going to say when I started commenting on this post? Definitely. 😉

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