Blogger Baby Bash Quick Hits

Seen at the blogger baby bash Saturday:

Picture two people standing side by side, looking at a cake.
Slarti: “I wonder how many points it is.”
Smiff: “Oh, I’m not going to eat it, I’m just going to smell it.”

Here’s a weird observation about blogger get-togethers:  I think I know some of you better than people I see every day.  It’s weird,  this is, at most, only the second time I’ve met any Nashville bloggers face to face.  But, after a quick moment of recognition (placing the face with the blogger), I could mentally pull up a “file” on each person I met; in-depth things about their lives and histories.  It’s just weird to feel like you’re meeting an old friend when, by the old rules, the person is really a stranger.  This blogging thing is pretty cool.

Brittney: sorry I didn’t get to say hi.  I was working my way around to you when I got called away.  Can’t remember if it was kids or the wife.  Still rude of me, though.

Ivy: just wanted to let you know, Zaphod starts manners classes this weekend, just in time.  We’re going to give that boy some social skills if it kills us.  Sorry again about how he acted toward Nate.  That being said, I think that, on the whole, all of the kids there got along swimmingly.

One side note: fortunately, y’all missed the 23rd Psalm gig.  I say fortunately, because (and there’s no other way to say this) I was awful.  Once it became obvious that singing just wasn’t going to happen for me, I should have turned things over to my bandmates.  I learned a valuable lesson.  But, y’all DID miss a 20-minute reggae hippie song by one of the acts. 

There is so much more that I want to say to so many of you, but I’ll do that at your places, or privately.  Instead, I will just say again, congratulations to Mr and Mrs Sarcastro!


One Response to “Blogger Baby Bash Quick Hits”

  1. Ivy Says:

    Bahaha, no worries, it is cool! Nate generally has these kinds of problems with other kids, so I think it must be Nate.

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