The Calm Before the Rush

Just spending a few minutes getting my head together before my whirlwind weekend. 

Here’s something interesting:  two things ALWAYS happen when I’m going to be singing or preaching in front of people I care about.  1) I ALWAYS get a sinus thingy that ruins my voice and 2) my adolescent skin makes a triumphant return.  The voice isn’t totally healed yet, but we still have time.  Pray or send happy thoughts for my vocal chords.  And look for me at the baby bash: the middle aged guy with bushy hair (pre-mullet) and teenaged skin who sounds like Maude, dragging along a couple of Asian kids and a very confused wife. 

I’m hoping to see some or all of y’all at 23rd Psalm tomorrow night.  I WILL sing – it just may sound horrible.  But then again, maybe I’ll kill.  You just can never tell.  But we’ve got pretty girls and a horn section, so you WILL be entertained.

I think I’ve lost more weight this week.  I guess we’ll see in the morning.  I think I just jinxed myself.

Next Friday, Trillian and I go tour first Father-Daughter dance.  I’m nervous.  It’s a 70’s themed dance.  We’ve been practicing our pretzel – and I already have the hair.  Next Saturday, the kids start manners classes, then Trillian has to go to the city-wide Trash Art contest (as you recall, she won her grade at her school).  Then, next Sunday, X-Alt plays the Sunday service at East End UMC (inviting Jag, and other East-Enders!).  We LOVE that old church.

Sometime between now and then, I’m going to meet newscoma

Then I collapse.

Some of you probably wonder why I drag my kids everywhere.  Well, they’re still too young to stay home alone, my parents ran away from home for the 2nd time last year (ok, they moved to FL), and the girl who used to babysit now has a “real” job.  HMMMM. I seem to remember Busy Mom saying that Busy Girl earned money babysitting…

Nah.  I’ve met Busy Girl.  She’s too nice; I couldn’t do it to her.

See some of y’all tomorrow!


2 Responses to “The Calm Before the Rush”

  1. Susie Says:

    Yes she has a “reel job” but she might still be available when you need her…and I have another child who could do just as well, if you are interested…

  2. Busy Mom Says:

    She does babysit, she did so last night!

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