10 Reasons to Cheer For Global Warming

(In honor of Nobel-nominated Al Gore) 

10. Right-leaning bloggers will have new photos of underwater busses.

9. Disneyland Siberia!

8. Minot, North Dakota becomes the new “it” city.

7.  A decade of Al Gore saying “I told you so!” is a great way to pass the time.

6. Channel 4’s weather “Panic Sisters” will have lots of opportunity to say TAKE COVER!

5. In Titanic II, Leonardo Dicaprio gets eaten by a shark.

4.  Buffalo gets its first Super Bowl (and the Bills still lose)

3.  New agricultural opportunity: Alaskan pineapple.

2. A 10-month bikini season.

1. They might actually be able to grow grass at LP field!

***NOTE: This is what we call “humor”***


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