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I can’t get into Blogger (surprise!)  My weight loss / hair growing journal, Follow The Mullet , is still on blogger.  If I devoted more time to it, I’d make the move over to WordPress for it.  As it stands, I’ll just post my measurables here so I don’t forget them, then go back there during the 5 hours a day that Blogger is actually available to fill in the blanks.

Weigh in Number 4:

214.5 lbs, 2 lbs lost this week, 6 lbs total lost since first weigh-in, best guess: 10 lbs total since Jan 1.

The last measurable is because I didn’t weigh the first week, and it makes me feel better.

Mullet Watch:  I’ll get all but the back cut next Saturday morning.  It’s a shame.  I’ve started looking like an older, fatter Keith Urban.  I don’t think a lot of myself, do I? 😉

One Response to “Follow The Mullet Placeholder”

  1. newscoma Says:

    I can’t get into my old blogger account either.

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