Nashville Star Update – With Boobs

This may just be breast day here at Shoot the Moose.  I’ll incorporate my thoughts in posts about other things.  In fact, most of my boob-talk will be in this post, because I swear I had more conversations about female chests last night than I have since I was a teenager.  I’ll mention no names to save embarrassment.

There were four of us there last night – two men, two women.  We tried to get there earlier this week so we could get better seats, but to no avail.  The rest of Nashville was onto us.  They were all there earlier, too.  So, we ended up in about the same place in line as last week.  We had a long wait, so needless to say the conversation drifted hither and yon.  Amongst the things discussed:

Female hairstylists, it appears, do not rub themselves up against women customers the same way they do men customers.  I assume that would explain why men tip more.

Do boobs float?

Apparently the Girls Gone Wild bus has been seen in Nashville.  We all agreed the founder is a slimy-looking sleazeball.

We probably could have had a few more anatomical discussions, but they moved us in at about 8:30.  It went much more smoothly this week.  We chose purposefully, this time, to sit in front of the contestants, but this time from a few rows back.  We had a pretty nice view, when the boom camera wasn’t in the way.

Little big Town pre-recorded their “live” performance.  You just don’t get better live harmonies than that.  They were absolutely perfect.  The blonde was dressed like she was about to go night-night though.  

Now, the controversy: I was the only one in my group who liked Angela Hacker’s performance.  The Bonnie Tyler voice scratchiness was kind of neat: it sent chills down my spine.  Stangely enough, when I got home, I found out Lintilla didn’t like it either.  Good song choice, though: I Can’t Make You Love Me (If You Don’t).

Whitney Duncan was awful.  no stage presence, pitchy.  This upsets me greatly, because I have predicted she would win the whole thing.  It partly wasn’t her fault; she was originally going to do another song, but late in the week they decided they couldn’t get it “cleared” (I’m assuming by ASCAP or BMI), so she had to switch songs.  But, I still feel she could have done better.

The judges made weird comments about David St Romain.  He did a great version of Life Is A Highway .  He rocked the house.  The judges were unanimous that he should have instead sung something “for the females”, whatever that means.  I thought he was awesome – he’s moved up my leaderboard.

I expected Meg Allison to get eliminated this week.  Big surprise: it was Kasey Musgraves.  Meg did “Take Me Down” by Alabama, and was GREAT.  I think she’ll make it another week.

Joshua Stevens was interesting.  He did “I Still Believe in You”, and he chose a key that was RIGHT at the edge of his range.  He would get right to the edge of getting off-pitch, then he’d pull back.  One of our party, who is a singer, said “He made me nervous”.  I agree.  Here’s the thing.  He nailed it.  But it sounded like at any time he’d lose it.

Zac Hacker is now the odds-on favorite (unless Whitney gets her act together fast).  His song selection was a little obscure:  Delbert McClinton’s Memphis Women and Fried Chicken.  Not only did he make the song his own and absolutely ROCK, I was a little hungry when he finished.  🙂

The crowd was a little more into it this week.  Beret Guy didn’t have to egg them on as much.

The girls in our party were having a conversation about my fascination with Jewel.  One of them reminded me that Jewel is kind of snaggle-toothed, and that many men find that unnattractive.  I just shrugged.

About this time, they showed one of the interviews Jewel did with the next contestant.

“Oh.  I get it”, my friend said.

“She has big boobs.”

No comment.


One Response to “Nashville Star Update – With Boobs”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    I remember Whitney Duncan when she was competing for the title of Little Miss Saltillo at River Day in my hometown.

    She was a tiny little diva. Good to see she kept that going.

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