Nashville Star Report Week 2

Don’t have much time today, but I’m just dying to tell you guys a few things about my adventures last night at the Acuff Theater for the live broadcast of Nashville Star.  Thanks bigtime to Susie and family for dragging me along; it was the most fun I’ve had where I wasn’t the one playing music in a long time.  Anyway, now I’ll give you a few quick impressions.

We didn’t have “bought” tickets, so we hung out with the peons in the “filler” tent for an hour and 45 minutes.  Once the ticketed people were let in, they rushed our group in. There were 5 of us, so the chances of us all getting seats together was slim.  However, we did find a group of seats behind 3 cameras/teleprompters.  Bad idea.  We couldn’t see a thing.  Duh!  That’s why they were empty.

Susie refused to stand for this, so she got up and found us some other seats (the ushers were in an awful hurry, so she was actually taking a huge risk).  She found some beside/behind a platform with a huge boom camera.  What a Godsend!  We were right in front (about 5 rows back) of where the contestants sit on the stage, we could see where the contestants performed, and we had a clear line of sight to the judges.  Yipee!

It’s like everyone says:  a live broadcast is controlled chaos.  There was a dude in a beret who seemed to be in charge.  Everyone, including the hosts, contestants, and the crowd took orders from him.  He was nice about it, though, and he really knew what he was doing.  Something funny went on throughout the whole broadcast:  they kept having the crowd stand, then sit.  When coming back from breaks, we had to stand.  This conveyed excitement, and all that.  But when the crowd was standing, it obscured some of the camera views, so as soon as the next performer was announced (during a short taped interview), we were to sit.  I swear, it was just like being in Episcopal church.  Stand. Sit. Stand. Sit.  The only thing missing was “kneel”.

Cowboy Troy is an imposing presence.  He towered over everbody.  He also was the most engaging person in the theater all night.  If the cowboy rap thing doesn’t work out (and let’s face it, it won’t), he’s got quite a future in this sort of thing.  he really was that good.

***Sexist Alert!***  I can’t tell you how Jewel did.  Did she say anything?  I just couldn’t stop looking at her.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  A woman with real curves, and she was wearing a little black dress.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Actually, I did notice her personality.  She was extremely empathetic, just like last week.

 Miranda Lambert did taped her number 15 minutes ahead of the start of the broadcast.  I don’t fault her for this.  it’s the equivalent of kicking the field goal on third down.  If you bobble the snap, you get one more shot at it.  She nailed it, although I’m not too crazy about the song Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

Every single contestant was very strong this week.  It seems the stagefright, for the most part, was gone.  Especially strong were the two Hackers, Whitney Duncan, and David St. Romain.  Each of them sang a bluesy song, and I have a soft spot for that.  Also, Kudos to Whitney Duncan for doing Living on Tulsa Time, and doing it well.  Mark this down:  she’s going to win.

I was stunned when Dustin Wilkes was eliminated.  I thought he did very well last week, and he had a huge crowd presence this week.  I think some of his family were sitting near me.  They had Dustin signs, and some of them kind of looked like him.  They were obviously shocked as well.

Blake Shelton is the only judge I like to hear speak.  He’s just dang funny.  He seems to understand the spirit of the show, and gives the fans a good dose of entertainment.  Anastasia Brown obviously took a lot of heat for her comments last week to Angela Hacker – she was quite diplomatic with her this week.

Randy Owen.  Dang.  He’s one of my favorite singers of all time, but he’s the weak link on this show.  First, he tells Angela Hacker that she was hurting herself by doing When Will I Be Loved (Which she killed on, btw), because “that song is sung by every girl singer in every bar in America”.  WHAT?  That doesn’t diminish her amazing performance, Mr Owen.  Then, he reverses course and tells Meg Allison that she had a poor song choice because he had never heard of it.  The song: Oh, Atlanta which is only Alison Kraus’ signature song!  But then again, none of the people in my group had heard of the song either, so I’ll give him a little slack on that one.

 All in all, this was an amazing experience; it’s just SO much better than on TV.  Next time, I’ll get there a little earlier so we can get even better seats.  Maybe we can get closer to Jewel 🙂


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  1. Scoozaroo Says:

    We’ll leave earlier this Thursday…

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