To Sleep, Perchance To Get Some Work Done

I had another episode last night.

Some nights when I go to bed, my mind is racing a million miles a minute.  No matter what I do, I can’t slow things down long enough to fall asleep.  I mentally write code.  I write songs.  I write sermons.  I even write blog posts.

When you know you’ve got to get up at 5, and you look at the clock and see midnight, knowing you’ve been tossing and turning for 3 hours, panic starts to set in.  Then it gets even worse.  I try relaxation techniques I learned from yoga class.   I might drift off a little bit, and then the demon of whatever it is on my mind starts screaming in my subconscious ear: LISTEN TO ME!!!!  Then it starts all over again.

1:00 AM.  2:20.  3:30 .  Time to get up!

Then, I go to work and stare like a zombie at my computer screen.

I have one of these nights maybe once a month. Maybe I need this.  There’s a part of me that says, “No, that’s CHEATING!”  Maybe I need to cut back on caffeine.  But if I don’t find something to shut the voices in my head up next time this happens again, I’m just going to get up and watch infomercials.  Maybe THAT will put me to sleep.


2 Responses to “To Sleep, Perchance To Get Some Work Done”

  1. Scoozaroo Says:

    I prefer to think that God is trying to communicate with you-when you have those “episodes” maybe it is Him telling you there is someone or something you need to pray for?

  2. Warrior Says:

    Dude, the infomercials only work sometimes. Had the same problem last night after taking the dog out. An hour later, he’s asleep, I’m channel surfing!

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