I Wrote a Song Last Night!

Sweet Mother Mabel, it’s finally happened!  The drought is over.  I haven’t written a new song in over a year, when I was working on my solo project (which I never finished – I only completed 6 songs).  Life had gotten in the way, and my creative juices lately have been used up here.  But, by Golly, it’s done.

 Part of the reason is this blog.  I didn’t feel the need to write the Great American Song; I can get all deep and flowery here.  I just got silly and let ‘er rip.  Of course, it’s a Memphis-style song.  Steve Cropper, I swear I didn’t steal your melody line, but I will cop to borrowing Donald “Duck” Dunn’s bass line.  It’s in C, so it’s at the extreme high end of my range.  Even that is a plus, because when I slip out of pitch, it just contributes to the overall feel of the song.

When we got to rehearsal last night, the song was about 80% done.  I got one line of lyric from the drummer, one from the bass player, and a change in chord structure from the piano player.  So, we’ll have to work out credit to keep the ASCAP guys happy (that oought to come to about .20 apiece).

One reason I have trouble songwriting, if you haven’t figured it out, is that I love words so much, I throw too many of them into everything I write.  Word economy is not my strong suit.  But this one is sparse enough, I can take a few breaths.  Good thing too, because singing in C will take most everything out of me.

 Next, we’ll clean up the transitions, then write the horn charts and some cool, Ray Charles type backups for the girls. 

Also, the bass player and guitar player showed up last night with a song of their own (a kickin’ rock song).  That ‘s two for our next CD (which is tentatively titled Funky Shui).

Can you tell, I’m excited?


2 Responses to “I Wrote a Song Last Night!”

  1. john h Says:

    i’m hoping that I’ll being hearing this number in the near future. If you lined up the peeps that borrowed/stole from Dunn and Cropper, you’d be looking at a line extending from here to the Stax studios in Memphis (or what used to be Stax).

    IF you’re gonna steal..steal from the best!

  2. Bass player dude Says:

    Let me tell you the song is “Very Cool”! 10 more
    songs and we’ll hit the studio again for what
    should be a very different X-ALT! CD.

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