Tired Thoughts

No, my thoughts aren’t tired (although some might think so), I am. Yesterday was a whirlwind. I swear, I didn’t stop moving yesterday. If I were the day planner type, this is what my day would have looked like (annotations to follow):

Get up.
Drink coffee, do finances.
Start the switch to WordPress.*
Start the laundry**, make sure kids got breakfast.
Go with Zaphod to get our hair cut.***
Bring back lunch & eat.
Meet Busy Mom & Busy Girl!++
Even though I hate it, get groceries at WalMart.
Put up groceries, leave for Susie’s house. (Band-Mate and good friend)
Get to Susie’s house, socialize a bit, then load up the foosball table she’s giving us (thanks!).
Get the foosball table back home, everybody bathed, and head for Ashland City.
Get to A-town, try to find an Amsouth or Regions bank (there are none), go to an alternative, because I might be buying a lot of coffee later.
Go to Stratton’s for dinner, eat about as healthy as possble there. Run into band leader there. Ask him to “stall” for us; we’re going to be a little late.
Get to TBG, set up and soundcheck.
Run into Hutchmo and Mrs. Hutch! Captain, there be BLOGGERS here!+++
Do first set. The sound is great tonight!++++
Do long second set. The horn section rocks, considering how new they are!
Become a living version of “The Load Out”.
Take the long way home because we’re worried about fog on River Road.
To bed, to sleep the sleep of a man who just did all the above!

Funny, this was a LIGHT weekend!

*I’m not quite ready to close things down here, because I’m not totally comfortable with WordPress yet. Probably next weekend.
**My life goes much easier when we do laundry in small doses throughout the week. Unfortunately, my life is very rarely easy.
***I’m in pre-mullet mode right now; just trying to grow it longer all over. This is by far the longest my hair has been after a (non-mullet) haircut.
++Busy Mom is an awesome lady. She and Busy Girl were extremely gracious and generous. We caught each other when each of us were passing througn to other things. (She is BUSY Mom, after all). I can’t wait to have more time to sit and talk a while with her, when an opportunity comes along.
+++John, I still feel bad that they had a cover; I had previously posted that there was none. That was all TBG. The place has been on hard times lately, and they’re just trying to stay afloat. Also, I should have warned you, we hawk our CDs like an infomercial. CD sales are how we cover operating expenses. :). Thanks for the kind words.
++++Dang, we need a permanent sound guy. We just sound SO much better when we aern’t trying to adjust things on the stage. Anybody want to volunteer? it pays, well, nothing.


3 Responses to “Tired Thoughts”

  1. John H Says:

    hey..no sweat on the cover, man.

    I would have paid up to FOUR dollars each for the privilege of hearing you guys. Seriously, as I wrote in another post, we really liked the TBG joint, and we plan to return. I think I saw something about Stacy Earle playing there on the 27th.

    Hope the place makes it!

    you guys truly were lots of fun.

  2. Busy Mom Says:

    We will definitely get together again!

  3. Lynnster Says:

    Yay! I am so happy you will soon be joining us at WordPress! Here, have some more WP flavored Kool-Aid… 😉

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