Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness in Ashland City?

Slartibartfast Rocks!

No, really.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Make the drive to Ashland City this Saturday night. Come to the Truth, Beauty and Goodness (TBG) Coffeehouse – it’s right downtown across the street from the courthouse. My band (X-Alt!) will be on at 8pm.

And we’ll rock your world.

We’ve got two hot mamas (just ask their kids), 4 classic rockers, a horn section, this lovely lady (who can sing circles around most of Nashville), and an exiled worship leader on the edge and with an attitude!

Ever heard a version of Sam and Dave’s “Soothe Me” with 8-part harmony? You will.

TBG is also one of the coolest venues we play at. Even though it’s a coffeehouse, don’t let that fool you; there’s a real stage, light system, sound system and a sound guy that knows what he’s doing.

I’ll tell you what, if any of my blogging friends show up, and if you can drink it, “The Moses” is on me (a HUGE triple espresso).

Kids are welcome.

There is no cover. Just come and be prepared to be blown away.

116 N. Main Street
Ashland City TN 37105


7 Responses to “Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness in Ashland City?”

  1. Vince Says:

    Don’t believe him the go to our blog

    and check out the new videos just posted scroll down a few posts and there is even more video available.

    Make sure to watch “Piggy Back Ride” to see your humble host in action.

  2. Malia Says:

    You may find this appealing. An old friend of ours and his band are playing at The Basement tonight. I can’t go, but my husband is planning on being there. It’s a $7 cover but that’s because the club owner thinks no one will drink (bunch of church goin’ folks!). It’s also a non-smoking establishment. Usually it’s a 21&up club, but kids, accompanied by their parents are welcome tonight.

    Check them out, the Myers Brothers Band (The audio on this site is their old stuff, they’ve overhauled their sound and writing.)

  3. Busy Mom Says:

    I know Katy. Small world.

  4. John H Says:

    hold on..we’re least that’s our plan. Looking forward to this..

  5. ceeelcee Says:

    Dang, Slart,

    You almost make me wish I wasn’t up on the mountain this weekend. I loves me some blue-eyed soul!

    Drop me a line next time you’re gigging. CeeElCee at thedryspot dot net.

  6. Jeffrey Says:

    hope to catch ya next time you play. but tonight, rock it out dog.

  7. newscoma Says:

    Next time I come to Nashville, I only hope you will serenade me with some of that blue eyed soul.
    Preferably out on the street as I walk by.
    I’ve always wanted to be serenaded as a surprise out on the street.
    Then I’ll act prettily confused and giggle.
    Then I’ll buy you dinner.

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