Building the Great Wal of Mart – A

For some reason (maybe the fact that I’m altering my eating habits in an extreme way), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about grocery stores. I must say, I’ve been seriously considering my grocery options.

Some people are really looking forward to the new Charlotte Pike Super Target (I am, too), but I can tell you, I won’t be getting groceries there, for the same reason I’m trying to stop getting them at the Super WalMart just down the road: it’s more expensive.

Oh, the groceries themselves are a little cheaper. But this is how it goes every time:

The end of every grocery aisle connects with a houswares aisle. “Oh!”, I say to myself, I could use another one of those plastic flatware seperators!” So, I go down the aisle, get the flatware seperator thingy, then continue to the end of the aisle so I can turn around. BUT, I run smack dab into the men’s wear section. “Look!” I say to myself. “Napolean Dynamite underwear!”

I can’t resist. I get the “Gosh!” underwear, and my line of sight runs smack dab into the photo department. I remember I need a battery for my camera, so I head over there (picking up something from the candy aisle on the way). I get the battery, and by Golly, I’m right next to the electronics department. I can’t resist going to look at the HDTVs and other boy-toys, and I end up getting that Brad Paisley CD I’ve been longing for.

I exit electronics from the OTHER side, and what-do-you-know! There’s the hardware section! I grab a new hammer and one of those toilet bowl floater things that Lintilla has been begging me to replace. Off to my left, I see the entrance to the lawn and garden department. I grab some of those clippers I’ve been wanting. The new plants are coming in, so I step into the “outside” section. Then, it hits me.

The last thing I remember, I was going to get some canned green beans. Now, somehow, I’ve ended up OUTSIDE, on the exact opposite end of the store I need to be in!.

On average, I spend $20-$50 more per grocery trip at WalMart than at Kroger. And that’s with cheaper grocery prices!

Anyway, that’s not what I came here to talk to you about. But you see, Superstores (WalMart and Target) are one distraction after another. I’ll have to get to business in the next post.


One Response to “Building the Great Wal of Mart – A”

  1. Kat Coble Says:


    The husband and I used to shop at Walmart on a regular basis when we were first married and in Tennessee. Everything was a lot cheaper, which made it a lot easier to impulse-buy. We rarely go there any longer for several reasons, cheif of which is that we ALWAYS spend at least $30 more than we intended to before going in.

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