My Christmas Tag

Because I’ve been in a gloomy mood, and “need a little Christmas”, I barge into the Christmas tag party from Amy via Katherine. Because it’s all about meme:

Favorite Christmas Movie
The 1951 Alistair Sim version of “A Christmas Carol” called Scrooge. No other version comes close. Honorable mention: just last night, I saw Christmas with the Kranks. I liked it so much, I decided never to listen to reviews from the “cool” people I know – they don’t know my tastes.

Favorite Christmas Song
Oh, Holy night. So much theology crammed into such a beautiful song. The two best versions I’ve ever heard were by family group The Martins and the understated version by Josh Groban. The song is VERY tempting to “over-sing”, as evidenced by versions by Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. I prefer the focus to be on the song. Honorable mention: Witney Houston’s version of Do You Hear What I Hear. I wish she’s had a full choir backing her up, though.

Favorite Christmas Cookie
My daughter’s sugar cookies. She has SUCH a big heart (she baked and sold so many last year that she was able to raise enough money for 100 “personal packs” for Katrina victims). She pours all of her heart into every cookie.

Favorite Christmas Gift Ever Received
The most excited I’ve ever been was the Christmas when I was 10 years old. I got a Toss-Across, Supertoe, and a Talking Monday Night Football game. But by far the greatest gift ever was the bag of toys given to us by our church after we lost everything in our house fire.

Least Favorite Thing about Christmas
That almost everyone gets stressed out because they set the bar too high for what they think Christmas should be.

Where Would your perfect Christmas be?
Some day before I die, I want to spend Christmas (with my family, of course) in some place “Bavarian”. I don’t know why I associate Christmas with Heidi country, but I do.

Favorite part of Christmas
Tie: The excitement of my children, and the way everyone at least TRIES to be nicer and more charitable.

Favorite Christmas decoration you own
We lost most in the fire, but Lintilla has some heirloom decorations that are over 50 years old.

When do you put up the tree?
If it’s a “live tree” year, about two weeks before Christmas. If it’s an artificial year, usually the first weekend in December.

Do you wear “holiday” sweaters/sweatshirts/T-shirts?
Lintilla does. Were I to do so, my brothers would beat me senseless.

I’m actually going to add one (can I do that?):

Open Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas day?
We do both. Lintilla grew up in a Christmas Eve family, and I grew up in a Christmas Morning family. So, we split it up. It’s a great testament to our marriage. The kids don’t enjoy it as much as you’d think – they get clothes on Christmas Eve.

Anybody else want to take a shot at this?


2 Responses to “My Christmas Tag”

  1. John H Says:

    I just want you to know that you got the Christmas movie, EXACTLY right. I LOVE that movie. I’ve seen it a dozen times and it never fails to reel me in.

    Merry Christmas, Sir, to you and your family. Your blog is a good thing.

  2. Amy Says:

    not in poor taste to add a question–at least I don’t think so. thanks for playing 🙂

    with juggling immediate family exchanges and extended family ones, plus now doubled with marriage (my husband and I will have SIX separate Christmas celebrations this next week) the Christmas Eve/Day debate is a moot point…we open presents all over the place 🙂 when I was little, though, it was always Christmas Day–but we’d beg to choose ONE present to open Christmas Eve. sometimes successfully, other times not so much.

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