Attack of the Nerd Family

Here is a brief recap of the conversation on our commute home today:

Trillian: Dad – that girl from the twelve days of Christmas had a stinkin’ rich boyfriend.
Me: How do you mean?
T: Well, think about all the guy gave her. There were a total of 12 partridges in pear trees.
Me: well, yeah, but that wouldn’t bee TOO expensive.
T: Yeah, but it keeps going up. He gave her 22 turtle doves. Starting on the second day, he gave her two for 11 days.
Zaphod: I wonder how much turtle doves cost in today’s dollars…
T: It gets worse. I mean, he gave her FIVE golden rings, per day.
Me: Yeah, but he didn’t start till the fifth day.
Zaphod: So, you’d use the distributed property. (12-4) * 5 .
T – That would be 40! Have you seen how much those things cost at Kay Jewelers?
Me – That’s a stinkin’ rich boyfriend. She must be a babe.

Trillian is now in her room working out the math on all the other gifts.

I’d ask her to go play with Barbies, but it wouldn’t do any good.


One Response to “Attack of the Nerd Family”

  1. Lynnster Says:

    Hahaha! That is really adorable, though.

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