Nashville Blogger Meatup: The Final Outrage

OK, now that my boss has finally left my office for her own, I have a few minutes to post some final thoughts about the meatup this past Saturday. I’m going to forget somebody, so apologies in advance.

John H is one cool dude. I wish I could be as friendly and extroverted as he seems to be. It’s also good to see another long-suffering Vanderbilt fan.

To Katherine Koble: thanks so much for the generous gift. It’ll wake up my Disney jones once again. It was great meeting you and hubby. I TOLD you Lintilla was the talkative one (well, I guess WARNED was the appropriate phrase).

I’m glad Brittney got to stick around. She always seemed to be at the center of everything. She was much more gracious to me than I deserve.

There is not one ounce of pretension in Ivy. What you see (in blog and in person) is what you get.

So, I had just finished checking on the kids when I walk past Kat, Aunt B, Ginger, my wife, and a few other female types (with Sarcastro chiming in as well), and they’re having the weirdest, but most serious conversation, one I’m assuming was based on this post over at B’s. I hear my wife tell her absolutely ancient ‘foreskin’* joke. It was at this time that I decided it would be a good time to go get another beer.

Note to John Lamb: You look like somebody famous. I just don’t know who it is. Keep coming here and I’ll post Ugly Betty reviews every Friday after each new episode.

I forget sometimes how unbelievably close to a Republican cliche my wife and I are, until we mix and mingle amongst people who are anything but. Trust me, we aren’t as button-down and unhip as we appear. Or maybe we are…

We did bring too much dessert, but being Methodists, we think that life is a potluck.

Lintilla really hit it off with the lovely Mrs Wonderdawg. I think she’s the extrovert in their family, too. What an incredibly nice couple!

Ginger and daughter are both adorable.

Kate O oozes hip and chic. She was also quite friendly and gave me some new ‘Slartibartfast’ catch phrases.

Sista Smiff: what can I say? I’ll bet she’s the life of every party. She’s one of those people that raises the enthusiasm of everyone in the room.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t add that JJ is irresistably cute. If Lintilla wasn’t reading, I’d say the same about Linda


[picks self up off floor]

* The foreskin joke, as best as I can remember it:

Many rabbis are starting to save and reuse the foreskins from circumcisions. They make wallets out of them.

And if you rub them real hard, you get a suitcase.


To everyone else: thanks so much for having us. We had a ball.

ONE VERY VERY VERY LAST UPDATE: I forgot to mention this, but Lintilla and I are going to have to figure out a way to talk about what she does for a living (home hospice caregiver), without sucking the life out of a room. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be nice. We don’t WANT to be the Schleprock’s of the party, y’know!


2 Responses to “Nashville Blogger Meatup: The Final Outrage”

  1. TLC Tugger Says:

    Ha ha very funny.

    But it’s bloody serious that stolen amputated human genital tissue is actually routinely sold by hospitals or doctors to pharmaceutical labs. The parents (and certainly the victims) never know, let alone give consent or receive compensation.

  2. John H Says:

    thanks for the kind words. I think i’m pretty much the opposite of cool..and actually, I try really hard to be extroverted in those kind of things, but that sure ain’t my natural tendency. What I usually WANT to do is find some sympathetic soul and hide out with them for the evening..

    having said all that…you were fun to chat with, and I look forward to more…

    Let’s keep those Ugly Betty reviews coming!

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