About Last Night (Part 1)

Just a quick post before I leave for church about last night’s Nashville Blogger Meatup at Mothership BBQ. Everyone was so gracious, and I felt right at home. It was great to see so many people I “knew”, and the biggest compliment I can give is that everyone, to the person, turned out in person almost EXACTLY as I imagined them. That says a lot about the honesty in everyone’s writing.

Ginger’s daughter hung out with my kids, and Zaphod said as we were leaving “let’s do that again!” – which I NEVER expected. Ginger, I think Zaphod taught your daughter a rap about how “cats suck” – sorry about that. Otherwise, they had a marvelous time hiding from the rest of us.

Most asked question of the night: “How do you pronounce your name?”

The food was wonderful. We’ll definitely be back.

I’ll post more in-depth later (I may even have some pictures). It was so much fun meeting everyone!


2 Responses to “About Last Night (Part 1)”

  1. Ivy, the Great and Powerful Says:

    It was cool hanging with ya, Slart!

    (Oh, no! I Slarted!)

  2. John H Says:

    It was certainly my pleasure to meet you and your very nice wife.

    hope we can meet again and talk some ugly betty, music and whatever..

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