To John H

Sorry I’ve been negligent in posting timely Ugly Betty reviews. Holiday schedules and the creeping crud are keeping me from normalcy. I’ll probably get to it Friday, because that will be the first time I’ll have to re-watch the episode.

I will say this though: there is no way Betty permanently moves to MYF . That would mean that all the current co-stars would no longer be co-stars, so I think something’s going to happen to bring her back to working for Daniel.

This past episode also highlighted a philisophical argument I’ve been having with Hollywood and pop culture in general about the nature of love. I believe very strongly that love is and active verb, that love is something that we “do” – but Hollywood insists on portraying love as something that “happens to us”. I blame the perpetuation of this myth for at least half the divorces we see today. But I’ll save that argument for another, seperate post – probably around St Valentine’s Day.

Finally, (and this may seem strange coming from such a right-winger), I’m convinced that Marc and Justin are the most entertaining cast members of all. Especially Marc. I LOVE the catty thing he does with his eyes to show displeasure or bemusement. Yes, the whole thing with Wilhemenia giving him the SUV was very predictable, but the way he hid from the supposed hit man was hilarious.

More on Friday…


One Response to “To John H”

  1. John H Says:

    I pretty much agree with everything you said here…Marc is great on this show. The ‘love falls on a major character’ myth is a tv staple, and over-used.

    Thanks for responding to my plea..I look forward to more!

    Also looking forward to meeting you Saturday.

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