This is Stupid

So, I told Katherine Coble in her comments yesterday, that I would explain why I have a self-imposed ban on commenting about matters of race. Here’s the weird thing: I’ve started that particular post 3 times, and each time as I developed my argument, I looked it over and said to myself, “This is stupid!”. After the third time, I decided that maybe it wasn’t just my argument that was stupid, but the underlying position itself.

So, I hereby lift my self-imposed ban on race-issue commenting, because my reasons were, well, stupid.

Which leads me to an interesting question:

Have you ever talked yourself out of an argument or position through proofreading your own words? Have you ever looked at something you wrote (hopefully pre-post) and said, “This is stupid”?


One Response to “This is Stupid”

  1. Lynnster Says:

    I believe my answer to that would have to be “constantly”. In nearly ten years I’ve probably deleted more paragraphs than I’ve posted – hmmm, that’s a little bit disturbing!

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