C’est la vie !

So, Thanksgiving went wonderfully (although my version of my mother’s famous roll recipe turned into overcooked little dough-balls), the bird turned out to be the best I ever had (thanks Alton Brown), black Friday was uneventful. Saturday, we head to Opry Mills to look at something at the Corelle store, only to find it’s been closed for some time (we don’t get out much). We got in a good walk though.

Sauturday, I notice a “tickle” in my throat; by Saturday afternoon, my fears were confirmed: I could start to feel the aches all over my body. By Saturday night, the fever hit. The chills were awful; I begged Lintilla to finally put the electric blanket on the bed. Thank God for NyQuil. I slept pretty hard.

Anyway, to the point: I knew I wasn’t fully better Sunday morning. So, I skipped church, and gave my Titans tickets to my Nephew as an early birthday present.

Let me say that again: I gave my Titans tickets away.

Of course, by the time kickoff happens, I feel almost 100%; I feel like I could have gone. Nothing like infecting 67,000 of your closest friends, right?

So, I miss the greatest 4th quarter comeback in Titans/Oilers history. The greatest comeback by a rookie quarterback ever. The game when VY and Pacman turned the corner and started to come of age. The game where Rob Bironas misses an important field goal, only to redeem himself with the game winner.

Oh, I watched it on TV, but it’s not the same. You see, game-for-game, hockey is a better “live” experience than pro football. But when things like this happen, being there at LP field can be glorious. I, along with the 200,000 other people who claim to have been there, witnessed the Music City Miracle live. What I remember most about that moment was that I hugged a policeman. And he hugged me back. I’m telling you, there is nothing like it, being there.

But as they say, C’est la vie ! Sometimes you’re there, sometimes you’re not. At least I didn’t have to fight parking lot traffic. But here’s to the Titans, one Manning down, one to go! I’m going next week, if they have to haul me in on a stretcher.


One Response to “C’est la vie !”

  1. Michael Says:

    Plus you missed T-Rac dressed up as Batman pre-game in his T-Rac Batmobile….


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