Wanna Talk About Number One, Oh, My, Me,My

The end of the last post was kind of fun. Liberating in a way. I’m going to see how many “facts” I can list about myself. I’m not one of those people who can make it to 100, but I’ll free-associate here and see what happens.

I was a DES baby. This caused the next several facts about me:

  • I was rejected by Uncle Sam to serve in his army in 1983. This fact gives me “checkenhawk immunity” 🙂
  • I have slightly higher estrogen levels than most men, which means I get weepy watching movies and Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, I write oh-so-sensitive poetry, and I actually enjoy cooking and housework. Do NOT get the wrong impression, however. I also like football, Nascar, hockey, heterosexual sex, Salma Hayek in a pushup bra, and war movies. I guess that makes me hormonally ambidextriuous!
  • One label I will never have is “Babymaker”. This, in the end, turned out to be a blessing.

    I am proficient in 6 programming languages.
    I can play 7 instruments on a basic level, 4 (piano, guitar, bass, mandolin) well enough to brag about it.
    Lintilla and I stopped at Krystal in full dress and tux after our wedding.
    I spent my youth and young adulthood worrying about being underweight (sigh).

    Here is a major fact about me that even I don’t understand: I am simultaneously paralyzed by shyness in one-to-one situations (especially with females), yet I am fearless speaking or performing in front of a crowd. I have NEVER had stage fright, even in front of a thousand people, even preaching. But get me alone in a room, and you’ll be hard pressed to have me look you in the eye. I guess, as long as I’m in a situation where I can ‘hold forth’, I am in my element. I must be a psychopath.

    I got a perm in my long-ish hair in 1984. I think I thought it would make me look like Young Springsteen, but with my wispy mustache and glasses, I looked JUST LIKE Weird Al Yankovic.
    I am left handed.
    I write with my right hand, however. (Thanks, stupid kindergarten teacher!)
    I, like all the men in my family, have a phobia about talking on the phone.
    My dad never quite knew what to do with me. He could handle my older brother, he was just a hellraiser. But I was weird.
    I was once sent home with a report card that had a single comment: “Strange behavior”
    I know this fine person.
    Lintilla and I lived between Smyrna and Murfreesboro from 1989-1992. We sold our house right before the boom.
    My family moved a LOT when I was a kid. By the time I graduated high school, I had lived 10 different places, all in middle TN.
    I saw Rick Springfield/Til Tuesday at Municipal Auditorium in 1985. Nothing like being surrounded by 12,000 hot & bothered women.
    When I was 19 and semi-living-at-home, my parents’ house was destroyed by fire. I lost everything I owned.
    In 2002 (which must be refered to on this blog as “the Year from Hell”), we lost our house to a fire. We lost almost everything we owned, except, miraculously, the boxes and boxes of pictures and momentos.
    I also had Bell’s Palsy in the Year from Hell. I still can’t whistle.
    The state of TN and the FBI have a ‘file’ on me. This was long before the Patriot act; if you adopt, especially internationally, you have no secrets.
    I have Titans season tickets.
    I am a lifelong Vanderbilt football fan. This prepared me to be a Titans fan.
    My best friend is the guy who says “This portion of Channel 4 News brought to you by…” He also is the ‘voice’ of most of the locally produced ads at WSMV.
    I have never been west of St Louis.
    Before this past summer, I had never been north of Bowling Green, KY, or east of Asheville, NC.
    I have a fear of heights.
    I have been an on-screen personality in an infomercial.

    2006 has been the best year of my life.

    There’s a lot more, but then I wouldn’t have anything to blog about, would I?

    That was fun.

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    4 Responses to “Wanna Talk About Number One, Oh, My, Me,My”

    1. Lynnster Says:

      “Strange behavior”?!?! What the heck was wrong with that teacher is what I wanna know, writin’ something like that… sheesh.

      As for the rest – interesting stuff!!

    2. Slartibartfast Says:

      It was 1975. They could even smack us, if we were bad.

      But I’ve had my share of teachers that tried to humiliate me. So much so, that the plot of “The Wall” semi-makes sense to me 😛

    3. John H Says:

      Glad to know there is another fellow-sufferer out there (Vandy). I truly believe that if there any more ways to lose football games, our ‘Dores will discover them. I’ve been following the black and gold for 40 years, and I still am dazzled by their imagination when it comes to giving games away.

      On the other hand, I totally enjoy the basketball version. I’ve got season tickets with one of my sons and that is a blast.

      Thanks for sharing. Much of that, lol, was interesting (o: – if i did that (make a list like yours), people would start having concussions, as in, they’d fall asleep while reading and bang their heads on the keyboard.

      keep it up..

    4. Kat Coble Says:

      A fear of heights? I can relate.

      This was a most interesting list. Of course you realise I’ve been over at X-Alt trying to figure out which one is you.

      It’s the Slarti Scavanger Hunt!

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