Election Final

Congratulations to the Democrats.

I am now a red person in a slightly blue country, as opposed to Tennessee liberals who are blue people in a slightly red state. Lots of angst to go around!

I’m investing in GlaxoSmithKline.

Only one snarky comment: Now that the Dems have won, why is it that the cries of “Diebold! Diebold!” have gone silent? If the machines guaranteed that the result would be tainted if Republicans won, the flaws that caused the original hypothesis still hold. Where’s my paper receipt? Were the machines hacked? Count we count on Nancy Pelosi to launch an investigation?


One Response to “Election Final”

  1. John H Says:

    despite our paranoia after the last two presidential elections (hey, if your guy lost Florida in 2000, you’d be sore too (o: ), I’d still like a receipt after my vote, and that has nothing to do with who is in power and who is out.

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