Great Moments in Parental Ethics – Eposide 1

I have a question for you.

Let’s say you and your spouse have settled into that suburban trap: living in an overscheduled, child-centered, “everyone’s always tired” home. You feel guilty because you rarely have any time or energy for your spouse. Your new euphamism for sex is your “quarterly review”.

Now, let’s say lately you’ve made an effort; you’re trying to do better. But the last few times you’ve put Marvin Gaye on the cd player and chilled some adult beverage, child ‘x’ and child ‘y’ took turns coming into your room.

“Mom, I can’t sleep”
“Dad, I had a bad dream”

Etcetera, etcetera on and on for the required hours to make you sleepy and out of the mood. It’s like they have some kind of “mood-sensing radar”.

Fast forward to the present. Late afternoon, your spouse gives you “that look”. Whoopee! Tonight’s the night!

Now, here’s my question:

Do you give the children the adult dose of Benadryl at 6pm or 7pm ?


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