10 Things Time Machine: 1975

It’s 1975. Here are 10 things about me:

1) Favorite song: Philadelphia Freedom.
2) I am in the 5th grade at Gower Elementary school.
3) Favorite hangout: Strike n Spare on White Bridge Road.
4) I saw ‘The Apple Dumpling Gang’ at the Plaza Theater on Charlotte Pike, and ‘Return of the Pink Panther’ at (I think) the Belle Meade Theater.
5) Bellevue was nothing like the sprawling craziness it is today. It consisted of a Kroger (where the Eckerd is now on Hwy 70), a McDonald’s, and the Jr and Sr High Schools. Oh, and quite a few ‘white flight’ residents.
6) I start my writing career by writing a short story about a Russian invasion of America thwarted by some high school students. I am not kidding. It was set in Smith County TN, and my lead (in my head) looked NOTHING like Patrick Swayze. Somebody owes me!
7) By this time in my life, I have lived in 7 different houses. We moved a LOT.
8) Saturday Nights my folks let me stay up to watch Sir Cecil Creape.
9) I have a vivid memory of doing the “bump” with a girl named Tracy at recess.
10) They found Marcia Trimble. My mom wouldn’t let me out of the house for weeks.


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