Sorry About That

You ever have one of those days in church where you have a nagging little sin on your mind, and every single Bible verse, every single prayer, every single illustration in the sermon seems to be speaking directly to YOU? Well, I had one of those yesterday.

God is very good to me. Sometimes I deserve a kick in the butt instead of a gentle nudge, but the Lord gently tugs at my heart instead.

My temper tantrum on Friday was childish and uncalled for. Anybody that knows me knows that I abhor when Christians in the US act like victims, when the US is the most Christian-friendly country on the face of the earth.

One thing I am pretty sure of, Satan seems to do his best work in drive-time traffic. He found my button and he pushed it.

I apologise, for saying things I didn’t mean, and for wasting anyone’s time on Friday.

I will not take the original post down – I’ll leave it as a reminder that I still have some growing up to do.


2 Responses to “Sorry About That”

  1. John H Says:

    I enjoy reading your blog – another ‘Ugly Betty’ fan, whoohoo – and understood your frustration when you wrote what you did, which is why I responded.

    Don’t kick yourself – you didn’t waste anyone’s time. it’s just something that needed to be processed.

    I always ‘enjoy’ the time when we’re in the discussion of inclusion vs. exclusion and i’m feeling all good and warm and then I realize that i’m actually excluding the other people who exclude..yeah, I’m soooo much better than THOSE Pharisees!

    keep writing. Anyone who uses a Douglas Adam reference for their ‘blogger name’ is all right with me.

  2. newscoma Says:

    I’d have to take every post down with the wasting of the time.
    This is your blog. Post, vent, be human.
    It’s perfectly fine.
    And I’m with Hutch.
    Adams and the picture of the batman tower is cool beans.

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